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Resume/selection criteria proof reading

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by RRbabe, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. Question for all of you out there that work in employment agencies, consultancies etc, and apologies if its a bit long..

    Bit of background first...
    I am in the process of putting together an application and selection criteria response for a job that would be great for me in terms of location and skill match. Its a government role and requires a selection criteria response. I have previously worked with a consultant and understand the process behind selection criteria responses (summarise relevant experience, use and example, include quantified results) but am not sure that my experience etc really shows in its best light when I do these applications. I have already checked with the dept concerned to confirm that it is an actual job and they are not just going through the motions...

    Question - is there anyone out there that provides an application, resume and selection criteria response proof reading service which would cost any less than the current $150/hr that I have been quoted? I really want to make the best possible application and would be willing to pay for someone qualified to do this for me, but am not sure I can afford the $300 currently quoted. I would do the application, response and tweek the resume.

    Help would be much appreciated
  2. Can have a squiz at it for free - but squiz only :)

    PM for details/email address.

    Am experienced/have professional quals...
  3. have sent pm
  4. i will chekc teh spellung four free!
  5. kewl!! :LOL: cud werk :wink: