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Resume Help

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Banga, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    As some of you guys may know I just finished uni and am looking for work, I have made up my own resume, but i need some help with it and just wanting to know if anyone has experience with this kind of thing?
    Basically if you are willing to check it out and tell me what needs to be revised, added or any other thoughts on it.

    Thanks all

    Banga :grin:
  2. hey Banga

    If you go to mycareer.com they have resume builders and guides to help you prepare a sharp resume.

    Different strokes for different folks - the profession you are applying for may in some way determine the format of your resume.
  3. Keep it simple and keep it relevant to the job being applied for.

    Long resumes turn people off, as does reading about skills that arent applicable for the position they want to fill. Its important to get to the point quickly :)
  4. Yep, agree with the above.

    Short, sharp and to the point. (all relevent to the position your applying for)
  5. I am an employer, for a multi national company. If you would like my (probably harsh) opinion, send it to joel at netrider dot net dot au
  6. Hi Joel,
    I have emailed it through to you, any thing that helps improve the resume is all that matters, no matter how harsh it is.
    Thanks a heap for looking over it for me.


    Basically i have tried to keep to the point and pretty simple, my resume includes my tertiary study, work experience objective and skill set as well as 3 referees.
  7. Your welcome to send it to myself if you would like more feedback.

    The _ licensed _ one @ hotmail dot com
  8. The more the merrier, thankyou for offering to check it out i have sent it through!!!