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Results of study - drivers with dementia

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Gromit, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. Is that because they might pull your license? :LOL:
  2. I'm sorry - what were we talking about again?
  3. I wonder what they will do as a result of this study. :?:
  4. probably forget about it :LOL:
    what study , did we do a study :? :D
  5. Maybe they could introduce a $50 safety levy on this group....
  6. What will they do as a result of this study?


    In fact, they will probably target p platers or something like that to divert peoples attention away.

    There are two many old voters to target them.
  7. it cant be all bad having dementia.
    everyday is like driving a new car :LOL:
  8. Yep, and you get to meet lots of great new people everyday.

  9. Slug them every week . It's not as if they are going to remember :p .
  10. doesnt supprise me at all

    cars are just as lethal as guns and they put a blanket ban on them because of a few people with problems upstairs

    nursing home or retirement village if they are not ready for the home as yet. well heres a new one, why not invest in public transport!!! or perhapse a specific bus for oldies to get transport to they're regular events i dunno... its got to be cheaper than cleaning up an accident.

    i'll use the guns thing again or how about dugs heroin, e, etc...

    and what about the effect on families that loose a loved one as a result of an oldie with dementia

    i have also known of a family that lost their 8yo son to a drunk driver who ran a red light and cleaned up their kid crossing at the lights on his way home from school

    it really shits me that in australia is that crap like guns, knifes etc are all considered weapons (as they should) and are a privilege
    but cars and alcohol seem to be a right...
  11. Put WRB's accross their driveways! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Perhaps the oldies should adopt a similiar Charlton Heston-esque attitude:

    "They can have my license when they pry it from my cold dead hand..." :D
  13. \

    yes i should have used old charles as my example of people with problems upstairs :wink:
  14. heads up APIA, the bad drivers ARE (often) old drivers! :evil: :evil: :evil:

    the only reason they're not involved in more accidents is because skilled road users are spotting them and giving them a very wide birth.
  15. be very careful where you go on this. my father is 63 and was diagnosed with early stages of dimentia 5 years ago. he is getting a little worse as time goes on. But my mother being a responsible person stopped my father from driving about 4 years ago and then the doc made the decision as well.. so as much as the law doesnt stop it, people around them should be able to know when the time is up for them to stop driving..
  16. Some of us do some bagging on these sort of subjects, but it is only in fun, so dont anyone take serious offence.

    What worries me is that I am rapidly approaching the age where some (young whipper snappers) people say we should be tested every year.

    Can you (forget the right word) imagine the feeling one would get knowing that every year might be the last time they can have the freedom to drive? I think it would be shattering. A bit like having to front the DSS each year to see if they will pay your pension the next year.

    I saw an old fella doing a test the other day, shite, he didn't even know I was behind him. He drove at 20k under the limit in every zone he was in. Never once looked in the mirror. I kept well back because when he took off at the lights, he went forward about 3' and then stopped to look left and right before going on. If I had been close he would have had his rear re-arranged. Hope I don't get that bad.

    **What? Speak up!! Oh shut up woman, I am not!!!***
    ***B^&*by women****


  17. Yeah we all have a dig, thats cool. Just a bit of a touchy one with me i guess as its so close to home. To make it even worse, my father was a truck driver. Local only, but 14 hrs a day behind the wheel was all he knew. Breaks my heart watching him going down hill.
  18. Blue
    I am a nusre , who works in a psycho-geriatic facility that looks after the type of residents that other facilitys cant handle .
    Violant , aggressive etc , etc .
    dementia is a dabilitating desiese that has serious effects on family and loved ones , not only the person.
    I see the effects of it everyday , and become attached to the residents and watch the\m deteriate everyday .
    You have gone through it with your father , I go through it with 30 fathers and mothers on a dailyy basis .
    not only have i had it within my own family , grandfather , auntie etc etc .

    so when I make light hearted comments , thats all they are .
    Light hearted comments , sometimes we need to see the lighter side of things , make them less terrorfying and more human.

    we are all going to get old one day , some faster than others , and all suffer from something .
    personally for me , i would rather have dementia , than suffer from CA or be fully cognativally aware and curled up in the featal position bed bound in a nursing home.
    people with dementia , when they are (away with it) arent in any traumatised state , generally they a in a world of there own , and most times its a nice place for them , mostly one s of fond memorys and experiances.
    The part that is distressing for the familys is they dont recognise them or the change in temprement, but if they are pain free and dementia/ forgetfullness is the worst they have , then in a world of illness's and other dabilatating desieses they should be glad.

    sorry for all the spelling mistakes but i have to get ready to look after my 30 other parents. :)
  19. All cool here grobert, just gets me bloody down. and yes we have to be human about things, i agree totally..