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NSW Restrictions on full (R) licence?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by spruce, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. G'day all,

    I have a question that I'm hoping someone can help with. I did a Google search which turned up some old threads on here, but hoping someone can shed some fresh light on my situation.

    I'm 25 years old. Obtained my L's back in 2008. Attended Ride it Right in Adamstown, Newcastle and completed both the Pre-provisional day long course (including the road ride) and the MOST. I did all of this on a 125cc automatic scooter (as that's what I was riding at the time to save for a house, not because I'm a girly bloke, despite what you think).

    Years later (i.e. now) I want to get another bike (a proper one). However there is an issue. My licence reads "R", as in full licence rider. But, on the conditions part of the licence it reads, "Auto only must not exceed 160ml eng cap".

    Now I have had my full licence for a while now, so don't really understand why I'm subject to conditions. Went to the RTA today, who at first thought it was a mistake as well, however not long afterwards, came back to tell me that I have to go and redo the test (MOST im presuming) on a bigger/manual bike.

    How can I practice on a manual if my licence prohibits such? I have been riding dirt bikes for a long time, so passing is not an issue, I just don't want to do it at all and would like to prove to the RTA that they, in fact, are wrong.

    Any advice?

  2. You are classed as a learner for the new "class" ie manual and have to follow the learner rules on the manual bike.
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  3. Seems like you should just ride a scooter :-s
  4. Ya gotta do the learners for a manual license, get out there and do it!!
  5. Why? Because now I want to upgrade to a proper bike and because the RTA has mislead me in the past I should stick to a scooter despite not wanting to?

    Smee, can you please elaborate? Do you mean I have to redo a provisional period on a manual bike, or just got to a MOST centre and redo the test on a manual bike that they have there? I'm not too sure what you mean.
  6. It's best to contact the RTA and ask them that way you will get the best advice.
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  8. simple as if you passed your Ps on a scooter, you have to ride a scooter. now you have to do the learner course all over again..and get a pass on your Ls, then probably wait 3 months and go for your Ps (MOST test only) then wait another yr until unrestricted (manual again)..
  9. The RTA website says that restriction will apply "until an unrestricted license is issued"
    This brochure http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/downloads/getting_your_motorcycle_licence_brochure.pdf says "Unrestricted rider licence
    To upgrade to an unrestricted motorcycle rider licence, go to
    any motor registry after having held a provisional P2 licence
    for 24 months."

    It seems their literature supports the removal of that restriction without going through the whole shebang...
  10. Are you from QLD? We don't have specific licences in NSW for specific capacities of engines, only LAMS. So as long as you ride a bike listed on the LAMS list, there shouldn't be an issue.

    As I said, I did do a google search which turned up the old threads, I was just hoping for some advice from someone (if there is anyone) who has specific advice or who has gone through this themselves recently.

    Why? If I did my MOST on a CBR125 and then did my WHOLE provisional period on the same motorcycle, would I be prohibited when I went to a full licence? No, exactly my point.

    This is my point. It should be waived as I have been on a full licence for ages now and have only just realised I have these conditions on my licence. I would love to just have them removed rather then go through the whole process all over again!
  11. For the people who have been interested in this thread, yesterday I attended a different RTA and got a completely different response.

    Seems this person actually cared about customer service. I convinced her that the RTA had actually made an error with my licence and that I shouldn't be subject to such conditions. She agreed, as did her supervisor and they removed the conditions. They also issued me with a new licence without the conditions on it free of charge.

    So, different RTA, different outcome. Problem solved.

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  12. (In NSW) Doing your MOST on an auto restricts you to an auto vehicle.
  13. Good result Spruce, glad you got it sorted.
  14. Even back in 2008 when I did mine? Anyway, the RTA admitted they were wrong and removed the restriction from my licence.
  15. Hi. Forgive me resurrecting such an old thread, but much of the previous information is relevant.

    When I first decided to get a bike licence a scooter shop employee told me that if I did the test on an automatic scooter I could easily "convert" later to a manual licence. Since I owned a scooter it seemed a reasonable idea.

    Now, I had my L's for 4 months and last week got my P's. No problems, in another 51 weeks, as a mature rider, I will have a full unrestricted licence and can get a super bike! :) (Well, maybe not such a good idea)

    I asked the instructors at HARTS about "converting" to a manual licence, but they had no positive answers. "Maybe just come up and do the MOST test" they said.

    I asked in the RMS and the answer was "Can't be done, just wait out your year."

    Logically I should be able to do a Pre Learner training on a manual and then ride a bike as a learner for three months, then complete Most. I.E. Have two rider licences simultaneously. I don't mind the idea of doing more time at HARTS. No such thing as too much learning and it really is good dollar value.

    No urgency as I am happy to keep learning on the scooter for now, but can anyone offer me the correct answer?
  16. Bloody RTA.
    Their problem is that they don't care and have no competitor, so other than what you did (go to another rta) they have you over a barrel.

    I was in Sydney when I got my bike licence and was still on may Ps on my 30th birthday. The rules at the time meant that once you were 30, you could automatically get your Ps updated to a full licence if you had a full car licence as well.
    I rocked into my local rta to get my licence turned into fulls on my 30th but was told I couldn't have the transfer done until the next day. When asked why, the helpful customer service officer replied that technically I may not be 30 yet as she did not know what time of the day I was born! Like that was going to make a difference.
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  17. Ok, now that really was some office jerk being pissy.
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  18. I'm in the same boat, but I'm happy commuting on my maxi scooter during the week...I would just like to learn to ride a real bike for the weekend cruise.

    I'll get a learner rated manual ride once I'm unrestricted and go thru the motions of learning before getting something to really enjoy.
  19. Rta has record of your birth certificate from when you first applied.
  20. There should be a fully separate licence for scooter riders. You did not learn to ride a motorcycle you learnt to ride a automatic scooter. Massive difference. I believe this is the license you are after