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VIC Restrictions end date question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jaguarfanster, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. My license, which unfortunately I've lost, said my restriction ended on the 8th of March. I'm not sure exactly if it said 'restriction ends' however the date 8/03/13 was clearly printed beside the 'restriction condition'. So, am I free of the government's shackles, at 12am on the 8th of March? Or do I have to wait for the whole of Friday (8th) until 12am on Saturday (9th)?

  2. when you say you've lost your license do you mean you've misplaced it are had is suspended?

    If you've misplaced it you need to get on to VicRoads ASAP and get a replacement, then while you're there ask them when you restriction ends.

    If you've had you're license suspended, then I would imagine it'll be quite sometime before you're off restrictions.
  3. Apart from him losing his licence and stuff, I still wonder about the answer to his question:
    Does the restriction go until the said date or does it get lifted at the said date?
  4. I'd play it safe and wait till day after the expiry date.

    Edit, but if he goes to VicRoads and asks the question then he can come back here and tell us, then we won't be guessing.
  5. The exact wording on my license says: "End Restriction (30/11/2012)"

    To me this reads that I have been able to ride with a pillion etc. from 12am, November 30.

    Firstly: The wording seems to logically indicate the restriction has ended on November 30.
    Secondly: There's only a very low chance that you'd get pulled over on any given day (I've been driving regularly for 12 years and been pulled over once in that time where they actually checked my license)
    Thirdly: You'd be hard pressed if a cop wanted to give you a hard time over it in the event you were pulled over.

    Having said that: If you really want to be sure, as mentioned above contact VIC roads.
  6. As with registration isn't it until midnight of the day of expiry? Which to me means the next day the restrictions would be lifted. Not sure of complications either with suspension if it pushes that date further away?

    Also lost as in suspended or cancelled may impact very differently?
  7. lost as in lost the physical copy with my wallet on the freeway...worst...should have made that clear. I'm running off my car license for now till I get a replacement. So from what sozza says it would have said,

    "End Restriction (08/03/13)"

    That would mean 12am on the 8th? So I'm unrestricted from Friday morning? This as opposed to having to wait until 11.59pm on the 8th?
  8. as the restrictions are for 12 months in vic what date did you get licence, the 8th or 9th
  9. Dont you have to carry your license with you while riding? that would mean you cant ride at all, legally.
  10. Only if you're under 26 or on L/P-plates.
  11. Wow now we're off on a tangent. Guess no one really knows the answer..

    I'm just going to call vicroads thanks anyway...
  12. I have emailed the question to vicroads. I should have an answer tomorrow. (I was wondering the same thing for my wife who is finished on the 7th)
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  13. I'm wondering why you didn't do that in the first place.
  14. Right.

    After 20 minutes of waiting, turns out the lams period ends at 12am on the date depicted on your license. So that means 11.59pm Thursday I'll be sitting in the garage with my gear on for my first proper ride. Boo yeah.
  15. If Vic is same as NSW your restrictions aren't lifted till you front the registry and get the new unrestricted license (which costs)
  16. Vic is not the same as NSW.
  17. Hahahaha. I haven't received a reply to my email yet, so I also called today. After MY 20 minute wait, I was told that the restrictions end at midnight (end of the day) of the date listed on your license. So, you are unrestricted the day AFTER the listed date. Typical!!!
  18. I guess that means you'll get off your restrictions whenever you choose to hop on the bigger bike ;)
  19. gotta love bureaucracy haha. Doesn't matter I think I'll just start on the day listed haha. It's too ambiguous.
  20. finally got a reply to my email: