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Restrictions be gone!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spectre, May 10, 2005.

  1. Well, my agonizing wait is finally over. 250 restrictions over as of yesterday, jumped on the new Triumph Sprint and rode off into the sunset!! Damn, what a bike! Not the huge terrifying step up from the CB250 I was expecting. I'll be doing a bit of showing off at Friday coffee real soon!! :D :D :D :D :D

  2. congrats on the lack of restrictions
  3. Well done Spectre and a really nice bike too, had a good look at it last night at Westsyede coffee
  4. Congrats mate. I can't wait for mine :(

    Nice choice of bike too...
  5. Well done and glad you could make it. The big bikes aren't that bad are they when ridden within your capabilities. Real nice looking bike you had there. The biggest difference I found when going from a 14yo 2fiddy to the Storm was that everything just works. Brakes, clutch, suspension, engine brilliant (and it goes a bit quicker too).
  6. Congrats mate. woooo hoooo

    :D :D
  7. Congratulations Andrew!

    I am now seeing what you meant about time slowing on your restrictions. I have 8 months and 28 days to go but each day seems to be getting longer. Glad you made it through and have a fantastic bike waiting for you.

    Look forward to the next ride

    :D :D :D
  8. You got yourself a bargain and a half there Andrew :D . Great bike and to get the luggage and heated grips thrown in free plus the total cost being a couple of grand cheaper - you've been kissed on the arse by Lady Luck for sure.

    Just goes to show that great deals can be done if you wait for the right time.

    We'll have to have our own Sports Tourer shoot out aye? :twisted: 8)

    (The viffer will still kick your arse though :p :LOL: )
  9. Congratulations on your patience to wait until restrictions are over. :D Enjoy your beastie :)
  10. Congrats Spectre.

    Make the shootout fair for deyago though - take your chain off.
  11. Dude, you gotta lose that superfluous cylinder to be in the hunt!! :p
    Then again, there's that whole rider skill thing. Lemme get back to you.... :D
  12. Congratulations Spectre
  13. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:


    :biker: VIVA LA V4 :D
  14. Does that mean Deyago needs to lose two cylinders and you one if I want to play too :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Excellent mate, and a truly sweet ride you have there. Made it worth the wait I reckon.
  16. No match for a Harley
  17. Definitely not!

    What with these non-Harleys starting when you need them to, being able to corner, actually getting power from less displacement, (list goes on, and on, and on)

    :D :D :D