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Restriction Confusion

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jones88, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. This may be a really stupid question, but please have patience!

    I've been sitting here for the last hour or so, searching through google, here, every bloody where, and i am 95% sure i know the answer, but i need to be 100%. ](*,)

    I got my learners a few years back, had a bike for 3-4 months, and had to sell. Not wanting my license to lapse, i went and did the P's test around 3 days before L's expiry, passed easily, which suprised me a little.

    Anyway, question is, the date for restrictions on my license finished a month or so ago.. should i have done a test/renewal/new license to actually be fully licensed? Or is it just automatic..?

    Please help!! ](*,)
  2. you have your full licence, just automatic.
    on the back of your licence there should be printed an End Restriction date.
    assuming you are past that date, then that's it.
    full licence unrestricted.
    no more tests, yay!
  3. Yep, now go & buy a litre bike stat!
  4. Wouldn't you still have to at least go into the applicable motor authority, and upgrade your licence.
    Without the licence stating a "full" licence, you would still be restricted until doing so??....
  5. bit different down here in vic.
    If you have a full car license and go for a motorcycle license, you go for L's, then after 3 months you can go for your full license (no p's required) but restricted to LAMS for 12 months after which you can ride whatever you want.
    L's expire after 12-15 months so I you haven't gone for your fulls, you'll have to do the L's again.
    Makes no difference that he didn't ride for the 12 months and it's based on time and not riding amount....
    If he gets a big bike, hope he eases himself ino it!
    If he was still on P's, then he'd need to still wear P's as he would for the remaing time he had to go. (from my understanding)
  6. Thanks for all the effort and input guys. I figured I was now guilt licensed, just wasn't sure if I had to update my license.. Thanks for clearing it all up for me!

    I bought a 1990 vfr 750. So far so good, suprisingly comfortable and quite enjoyable to ride.
    Thanks again!
  7. The back of my license shows:
    Class: C
    Class: R

    and the front shows:
    License Class:
    C, R P1

    and the expiry date simple denotes when I need to renew my full car license.

    Nowhere on my license does it state when the P's expire - it took a trip to the RTA asking an assistant to find out. Roll on 23rd September!
  8. What I'm trying to say is , you are still regarded as being a P1 rider, even after 23rd Sept, up until the time you go to the RTA e.t.c., and pay your donation money to them, and have the P1 part removed.

    See above, it wouldn't matter if the OP did or didn't ride whilst on p's, the OP's original question was,

    Whilst not having to do a test, one would think that you still need to have your licence endorsed as a full rider licence.

    Maybe one of the legal type of people on here can answer better....
  9. nope, because it allready is a full licence.
    just that it was issued with a 12 month restriction period where you are expected to ride lambs approved bikes only and not carry a passenger.
    on the back of the licence is a date when those restrictions expire.

    UNLESS, as Joedeloalphabet has allready explained!... he's a P plater, a youngin, does not have a full car licence.

    dunno about you NSW ferrals, but in Vic that's how it goes...comprende!!
  10. I have my full drivers license, but still a youngen. :woot:

    I have a date on my license for when it ran out, i just wasn't sure if i was stuck with the one i have. Having a 10 year license with the restriction on it is kinda sucky. Ahh well, might be time to 'misplace' my license.

    I thought maybe Vicroads might contact me or something, but nothing!
    Thanks for the help guys.
  11. Vicroads won't notify you!
    Restrictions should be printed on your licence & when they end (mine are)
    But yeah, as soon as my restrictions are up,,, my licence might get a bit 'damaged' requiring a new one without the end date on it!
  12. Haha

    I too don't like having a date on my license and thought of the same thing....
    But probably not worth it as my restrictions end in March and license renewal is early May.......