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Restricting De-restricted bike...???

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Shori, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    Is there anyway one can restrict a de-restricted Hyosung GT650 & make it legal to drive...???

  2. If the de-restriction was done properly and rta notified then no
  3. If you're talking legit, couldn't the dealer just put the LAMS carbie slides with holes in them back in?
    If you're talking backyard, couldn't you just swap em yourself (or even drill them)?
    Might be better-off asking on a Hyo board, those guys will know all about this stuff :]
  4. It's not that it's not technically possible, It's that the RTA won't re list it as LAMS...
  5. even if you could get power & weight measurments done?

    hmm, I was under the impression that RTA are willing to let you prove a bike is LAMS if it fits the conditions (Re: KTM 690 SMC)
  6. Nope once you've un LAMSED a bike it stays that way. I can't see the KTM 690 on the list and at 47kw and 139kgs I don't think it comes under the 150kw/tonne. And I never heard of the RTA taking someone's word for it... Otherwise no one would buy a Hyo you'd just get a CBR600 and a restrictor kit from the UK.
  7. yeh, its one of those funny ones. All the previous similar models of the ktm have been lams approved despite being waaaayyyyy over ratio limit. ktm didnt get the latest one approved, said it was up to the buyer to get it done. there is a thread on it somewhere