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Restricting bigger bikes???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by speedyTX3, May 5, 2008.

  1. As some might remember i got a cbr250r a couple weeks back, now its fun and all, and i love it, however i have a small issue with it. I'm 6'8" and have a massive problem with the size of the bike. After even short rides i find myself cramped up and in pain, not to mention that the bike feels a bit unstable when im leaning, and I've been told by Honda that the riders height makes a big impact on the balance when leaning.

    Ive been told that i should switch to a dirt bike however I'm not a huge fan and i don't like how they're quite high off ground (have no intentions of taking it off road). And on top of that I'm on my R-Date license so switching to a bigger bike is not an option either.

    Now i was thinking, hyousong 650 can be restricted to meet with power to weight ratio for R-Date license holders, so theoretically other bikes should be too right?

    Ive sat on a few bigger bikes and they feel much more comfortable for me.

    So the question is are bigger bikes able to be restricted to meet R-date licensing laws?


    How should i go about doing this? as in who does this kind of work and what i need to do with the registration office?
  2. The Hyosung 650 can actually be purchased with the restriction already on it. Then you pay afterwards to have it unrestricted.

    In Adelaide if you contact DA Motorcycles - 08 8281 8933, they are a Hyosung Dealer and should be able to give you some details as to how to do this.

    on a side note, if the 250 is to small for you, Then how much do you want for it?????? hehe
  3. No.

    The only people allowed to do the restricting are the

    The only time they are allowed to do it is before having the type of bike
    approved for road use (it is treated as a seperate motorcycle type).
  4. What Hotcam said. *nod*

    That said, there are big-sized learner-legal bikes around, such as the Honda Hornet 250 (import), Hyosung GT250R and GT650R LAMS edition.

    (Unsure as to whether SA supports LAMS or if it's 260cc-and-below)

    ZZR250, GPX250 and VTR250 are acceptable for lanky people too. Visit a bike shop 'n sit on everything you can find.

    Unfortunately, the CBR250RR is pretty much the smallest of the small small small bikes as 250s go.
  5. Edit: M-m-m-m-multipost. Server's been odd today. :(
  6. you could also get a 620 monster. they have restricted ones.
  7. No.

    You can not be trusted on a bigger motorcycle.

  8. My mate back in hobart applied to the department of transport for a exemption due to his height, too easy
  9. 250 hornet? lol
  10. BMW F650GS? I know it's more of an adventure bike, but it's pretty capable on the road, tall and LAMS.
  11. With respect, the OP stated that they didn't like tall bikes. They'd also need the Dakar model (or at least the Dakar seat) to give enough legroom... the dummy fueltank's leg cutouts don't work for tall people. :(
  12. baleeted
  13. Yeah, I got the 'no tall bikes' comment - but wonder how realistic that is at 6'8". No dirt bikes is doable, but there aren't many sportsbikes, even big ones, that are going to be comfortable for someone that tall. Let alone small capacity ones.
  14. Oh, I agree. :)

    At 6'4" there were only two 250cc sports/naked bikes that I fit on 'comfortably', a small handful that were good enough, and for everything else I resembled a dog humping a cricketball. :LOL:

    In the 'adventure touring' stakes - KLR650 would be a better look than the old BMW F650GS for legroom. As Bravus pointed out (briefly) the new late-2008, early-2009 BMW F650GS is actually a drastically de-tuned version of the new F800GS and therefore not LAMS approved. (And too powerful for the ACT's alternate LAMS scheme, too)
  15. Details? What happened? What bike did he end up on?
  16. Thanks for that, Spots - I had multiple WTF moments. ;) I mentioned the F650GS, then remembered that it was an 800 (in its newer incarnations) and didn't fit below the 660cc cap, then went to the SA LAMS list and saw it there. Your post solves the mystery - older ones are 650s, newer ones are the Bavarians' little prank...

    Agree with you on the KLR, btw - was trying to think of other similar things.
  17. I've gone to bike shops and sat on everything i could find that was learner approved before i got my bike. None of the 250cc sports bikes were adequate enough.. some had a bit more comfortable riding position (zzr250) but still not good enough for longer trips me thinks.

    Bmw is out of my price range, so something jap or grey import is probably the best i can do atm. Just today ive sat on an r1 and its a lot more comfy than anything I've sat on previously, and have seen a few go around the 6k mark (early models) but clearly I'm not too confident about jumping on one even if it could be restricted.. don't think it is adequate enough to learn on.

    Being my age I'd love to just jump on the biggest fastest thing I can but I do have the thing people think with too so fair not happening.

    I rang transport sa today and they told me that they will ring me back about my options later this week as the office people didn't know much about this issue.

    I'll let you guys know how it turns out..

    Im gonna stick with the cbr250 for another few months while the rain season lasts as I'm not gonna be riding as much as id like to (just uni and back) but would definitely look in to upgrading to something bigger.
  18. I'm 6'4 and couldn't find sports/naked that wasn't cramped position for me. Got a cruiser!
  19. He just wrote a letter after getting his L's stating that he is too tall to be comfortable on a 250. Not sure if he had to give specific height details but he ended up on a street regoed dr400. Another mate did it and ended up on a yzf400.. he wasnt too tall but somehow got it through. Not sure how much id differs in other states but give transport a call and they'll let you know.