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Restricted to automatic only (just got my P's)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by knifepoint, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    while my scoot sits in the shop again for another few weeks waiting on even more repairs (4 times in the shop this month alone; bought brand new Honda Lead in June) I'm fed up with it already.

    When I did my L's I did it on a scooter, for an "automatic only" 125cc license.

    I just did my P's test a few weeks back and passed it all, got My red P's license, but it has nothing written on it to state its auto only?

    this is what it has:

    License Class: R P1, C LRN date/date/date


    on the back it has:

    Class: R=Motorcycle
    C=Vehicle seating up to 12 adults


    Note: restricted to a BAC of zero

    that's all it has, does that mean I am unrestricted or what? does an "auto only" usually indicate as such? because as far as I know, the lady that did my license didn't add it on there?
  2. gears or not

    I got my learners on a 60cc scooter auto, but was able to jump on a 250cc gpx straight after....dont know if things are diff. from here in melb but would assume you can go with gears ?????
  3. if I find this is unrestricted and I can ride a manual I will sell this POS scooter when I get it back from the shop and buy a road bike!
  4. scooters vs bikes

    is there someone who you can check this out with.......is it just a scooter licence you got or a bike licence....or is it one and the same thing.........on my learners i have got (bike learners only, as on full car license) permit type R and thats all...and as i said got my learners on an auto scooter...gook luck
  5. just pulled this from vic roads shhh

    Riding your motorcycle

    If you are issued with a motorcycle licence/learners permit you are required:

    to wear an approved helmet while riding
    carry your licence/learner permit at all times while riding the motorcycle

    A person issued with a motorcycle licence for the first time will have the following restrictions placed on their licence for 12 months from the date the motorcycle licence is issued:

    you cannot ride a motorcycle with an engine capacity exceeding 260 cubic centimetres
    you must not ride a motorcycle while carrying a pillion passenger (a motorcycle and sidecar is acceptable with a passenger)
    you must have a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .00% when riding a motorcycle, even if you already have a full motorcar licence

    Riding on a Learners Permit
    Including the above restrictions, after you get your learner permit you can ride your motorcycle under the following addtional conditions. When riding you must -

    display your 'L' plate on the back of your scooter or motorcycle
    not tow a trailer behind your motorcycle

    Riding on a Probationary Licence
    Including the above restrictions, if you are issued with a probationary motorcycle licence, the following restrictions apply until the end of your probationary period:

    display a 'P' plate on the rear of the motorcycle only
    zero BAC
  6. thanks Barn but it still really doesn't answer my question
  7. yea i know sorry its confusing down hear too and ya don't want to ask vic roads in case you got a freebee and they take it away

  8. yeah I know, that's exactly why I thought I'd post here first, just looking at plenty of nice road bikes now. I think I'm done with scooters, I bought a Honda Lead 100 thinking "nice reliable brand" and it has broken down 4 times in one month (and it's only six months old) not to mention the shop I got it from (Action MC Sydney City) screwed me around with fixing it each time.

    so now I'm waiting for it to be repaired under warranty perhaps at another shop in Kogarah and I might just sell it once I get it back and get a road bike, perhaps less problems?

    and the power increase would be nice on the rides to wollongong, just wondering if anyone knows if I am restricted or not?

    or what is marked on a license P's if it is restricted to auto only?
  9. What about scooter and automatic only licences?
    Riders of automatic motorcycles under 125ml are exempt from the pre-provisional course. However, they are required to attend and pass the pre-learner course and the MOST. Riders of automatic motorcycles larger than 125ml will have their licence endorsed with a condition: “May only ride automatic motorcyclesâ€. This condition will be valid until an unrestricted licence is issued.

    Taken from RTA NSW website!

  10. thanks for that, so I guess I can ride a road bike, now just to find a good learner bike and figure out how to use the gears ;)
  11. ...and if there is no condition on your license under "conditions" stating that you have to ride an auto 125cc bike, then you are effectively given an unrestricted "P's" license, which must obey all laws regarding capacity etc. for a P1 license. the class of license R is pretty simple.

    go buy a road bike
  12. anyone wanna buy a scooter? :p
  13. You're in Sydney? If so don't listen to the silly victorianites, their rules are different up here. :cool:
  14. Taken from the NSW legislation website:

    So I guess you need to check carefully if any of those codes are printed in your licence before going ahead to ride a manual bike.

  15. How much?? Looking for one for my wife but don't want to spend a lot. And even less if it is a sort of Lemon :roll: :LOL:

  16. Funnily enough, not a single code listed on his licence (that is: R P1, C LRN)
    appears in the above table... so I would say, it doesn't tell the whole story.
  17. yeah there are no restrictions listed on my license, just says R P1, C LRN

    so P1 motorcycle and learners car.
  18. From what little imformation I can glean from the RTA website:

    If I have this right, (probably don't :oops: ) you will be restricted to an auto/clutchless manual bike. However, since you have no listed auto restriction on your license, I dare say you have a normal 'P1' motorcycle license.

    If I were you, I'd ask a friendly local copper. (they DO exist!) Don't show him your license, just tell him the situation using the example of "A friend of mine..." Tell him the codes like you did here, and ask about the lack of an 'automatic' designation. That'll give you better peace of mind. If you are restricted to clutchless manual, you could always get a postie bike for the time being. :?

    PS: that is a very stupid 90kph limit you NSWelshmen have there. (I'm sure you get that all the time.)
  19. Roto this applies to cars to find out about bikes ya need to click on Motorcycles or scroll up to my earlier cut & paste! sheesh!
  20. This is true, LadyYamaha. However, bikes adhere to a very similar set of rules. I couldn't get a clear understanding regarding bike specific rules from the site.

    It is merely my take on the situation. Hence why I suggested talking to a PO. They are useful for some things.

    Maybe an even better shot is to simply telephone the RTA and ask - without giving any personal details/license numbers.