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Restricted riders on non LAMS bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by loubre, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. This may open a can of worms and mods feel free to move if you think it should be somewhere else. I reguarly run newbie/learner rides up here and have noticed a huge increase in L and P platers turning up on non LAMS bikes ie R6's, ZX6R's and the like, nearly all of these were purchased through a dealer, does anybody else think as I do that the dealers ethically/morally shouldn't sell a bike to someone who legally cannot and going by their experience levels shouldn't be riding that bike? A second issue is how the hell does a dealer register a non LAMS bike in an L or P platers name, surely the state/territory Dept of Transport or whatever it's called where you're from check? Here in the NT a dealer needs a photocopy of your driver's licence and a signed authority from you to be able to register a bike in your name, surely they would see at a glance the restriction and check whether the bike is approved for that restriction, if not then they should not be registering it.

  2. Hi!
    I was in a dealer [not naming names ;)] the other week, looking at bikes- I can upgrade in 12 months, so wanted to see what was out there.

    Anyway long story short, I took my boyfriend with me, and we both chatted to the man about buying a GSXR [non-lams]. As I was still on restrictions, I said I'd have to wait & was just getting ideas... His response went something along the lines of "Well, we could just finance it in your boyfriends name, have reg/insurance in your boyfriends name, you as a regular rider, but it would essentially be yours... that way you can get your bigger bike and not have to worry about all the extra restrictions nonsense.. If not, we can't finance it due to your restrictions"... I'm not sure if this happens a lot.. but this happened to me... so maybe some dealers just don't care as long as they get the sale? My theory anyway. We left, and I'm still riding my hyo 250, btw :)
  3. Are you sure that these bikes are not power restricted so that they conform to LAMS criteria?

    Also anybody can own any vehicle - you do not need to be licenced to operate it. Vehicle ownership and driving vehicles are different things.
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  4. An R6 and a ZX6R cannot be power restricted.
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  5. I think they are crazy. If u really want to ride a powerful bike on your ls or ps just ride a lams restricted 650 and unrestrict it on the sly. Cops will never know
  6. So long as they wear there best tennis shoes and impact resistant singlet tops, they should be fine.
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  7. Ah, don't forget the footy shorts to complete the look.
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  8. Cars and bikes are not guns, you don't need a license to own one.
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    Yup. You can buy and own (register) a non LAMS bike on your Ls and Ps (however I bought privately, not from a dealer).

    You can even get it insured while on restrictions...I know I did (although not all insurers will insure you if you don't have the appropriate licence).

    However, that being said, if I was in an accident, I wouldn't be covered since I wasn't legally allowed to ride the bike, however the insurance does cover you for theft and fire or if a mate were to ride it and get into an accident.

    Isn't it the risk of the rider who chooses to buy a non LAMS bike while on restrictions? Just because you buy a non LAMS bike, doesn't mean you will necessarily ride it.

    I don't feel it's the dealer's responsibility to prevent someone from buying a bike as long as the rider is full aware that he can not legally ride the bike. We're all adults here.

    Also, note there are LAMS approved R6s, GSXR600's, etc. Not sure how they actually became LAMS approved, but you will find them once in awhile on Gumtree selling almost double the price you would pay for a non LAMS version.
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  10. Very good point!
  11. OMG. I believe last Sunday I met a rider on Uncle Greg's lazy Sunday ride who admitted to me he/she might have been a LAMS rider on an RSV4 rocket ship. Probably heard it wrong. But I'd like to ride the rocket ship, might even catch the old uncle, with his big nose. My that photo cut an impressive silhouette. Perhaps this is more common than we realise.
  12. In fact , even you dont have licence you also can own a bike regardless of restrictions .
    Money is the deal.
    When I moved from oversea , I didnt have anything with me but passport.
    Went to RTA to register a bike on my name only required my passport number.

    But when I rode out it is another story.
    Cops were out there asking for licence then fined me with huge bill.
  13. [quote="AngieW]
    "Well, we could just finance it in your boyfriends name, have reg/insurance in your boyfriends name, you as a regular rider, but it would essentially be yours... that way you can get your bigger bike and not have to worry about all the extra restrictions nonsense.. If not, we can't finance it due to your restrictions"...[/quote]

    You can buy whatever bike you like with your own money, or an unsecured loan or credit card. I see no ethical problem with the dealer in that case.

    However dealer finance is a secured loan where the lender requires valid insurance over the bike. I would go out on a limb and say the salesperson offering to sell finance, knowing the main use of the bike will not be insured, is conspiracy to commit fraud.

    Ethically it's wrong to sell a customer an inappropriate financial service. An ethical saleman would suggest the buyer get unsecured finance elsewhere.

    The main point however, is not legal or ethical. By offering 'creative' finance the dealer has just admitted that he's dishonest with his business partners. Are you willing to trust him?
  14. That's exactly why we left :)
  15. I ride one of those rocketships. ... Believe me , if you could ride it the way it should be ridden , you'd pass uncle and leave his nose behind :)

    Seriously though, Anyone riding a non lams bike on restrictions is crazy ... They may never have an accident or be pulled over for a licence check ... But if they do .... Insurance is null n void and the fines aren't great either !!
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    The dealer should not sell them as much as you should refuse to ride with them.

    The ride leader is taking a chance if he is aware, i wouldnt let that crap go on, on a ride I led.
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  17. As a matter of interest I had my big accident involving a month in hospital and the old lady had to go to court for grievous bodily harm riding a lams 650 bike that had been unrestricted. I got insurance $ all ok and cops never mentioned a thing.
  18. What you say, Kitt, is true, but then again there are a lot of crazy people who ride motorbikes. :)

    Certainly, in NSW, with the licence plate reading systems that the cops have, it is a really good idea not to have a non-LAMS bike registered in the name of a person who's licence restricts them to LAMS machines.
  19. That's a good point. Do the cop readers pick up such a thing? A non lams bike registered to a L or P plater ? Anyone know ?? Tx

  20. An L plater on an RSV4 carries the same penalty as not having your helmet strap done up. $289 and 3 points. If I didn't already get done for not having my helmet strapped up, I'd probably be fighting the urge to use those 3 points on a Yamaha FZ8N since the Lam's range are shockingly boring.
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