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Restricted licence

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bazz, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Ok being in vic i gotta ride this damm 250 cruiser for 12 months, any one ignore that rule? been pinged by the cops? im thinking of buying a boulevard opinons please on the boulevard would be appreciated...........cheers in advance

  2. PRO'S: its fun very fun

    CON'S: no comprehensive or 3rd party insurance, $130 fine if caught
  3. It is a TIN offence. 2111 carries 1.05 penalty units $116 no points


    Check under, page 5 of 12, the eighth entry.

    "Fail to obey licence condition other than a condition referred to in Code 2086 $116.00 1.05 penalty units"

    The 2086 is riding with a pillion. So if you do both, you get two fines in the one hit.


    The research guru! :LOL:
  4. What boulevard? 109? c50 ,m50?.

    M109 ,it's abit big to learn on.IMHO.

    C50 and M50 ,easy as to ride.. same size as a Yamaha 650 and its learner legal here in NSW.

    If your cashed up ,and can afford the fine and to replace Ferrari you wright off , :LOL: .

    Go for it! :grin:

    IMHO ,when it comes to the boulevard it's a great bike ,I have one ,but really the big cruisers won't teach how to ride well.
    Sure you will look cool ,but you will ride like sh1t.
  5. Does anyone know what the penalty is for pillioning without a full license in NSW?? I ask out of curiosity alone..
  6. I was close :) I knew it was something like that when I got done
  7. Nevermind, found it.

    $185 and 2 points.
  8. damm looks like i will have to pay my dues on this 250 or move states
  9. Oh I see, thats worse :( 2 points and $185 was just for outside of license restrictions.. So I wonder if you were doing 110 they could do you for speeding, outside of restrictions, and pillion.. LOL

    I can wait another 3.5 months....
  10. If you have freinds in NSW. Just do a change of address to NSW. Sit the MOST and you will have a Mature Aged Rider Licence (no capacity issues, but still no pillion).

    The after 3 Months change back. You will actually get an un-restricted R.
  11. does the same apply in qld?
  12. In QLD you do the Q-Ride. And its almost the same
  13. ........FOR RENT!.......
    Letter box.
    It's got great views ,its bit small ,it's a real fixer upper ,but I'll paint it.

    Disclaimer ,owner will not guarantee ,the local kids won't bow it up.

    Lets say $2000 for 3 months. :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Why dont you get an RS250, RGV250 or an NSR250

    They're not even allowed under LAM's so you guys havent got it so bad
  15. Sound like two strokers. To be avoided like the plague.
  16. Helloooooooooooo there Bazz

    I think I know you. :wink:
  17. man those archaic laws suck don't they. Im looking down the barrel of 6months minimum for my Ls and then a further year on open license with engine restrictions. On a 250cc!!!
    Might look into a Hyosung gt250. At least the ride will be semi comfortable. Feel sorry for the bike though, having to haul my big arse aound.

    Northern Territory home of No Lams, no Hills and now speed limits and demerit points. Something went wrong along the way.
  18. $115 fine and no points.. I would be very surprised if you even got pulled up on a Boulevard, i know i have never been, where as the 14 well thats a different story.. :LOL:
  19. Laws different to Mexican law?

    Here its min 3mths on L's then 12mths on engine restrictions.

    Nothing wrong bud. Just catching up with the rest of the world [​IMG]

    Correct me if I'm wrong but NT was right up with one of the last places
    in the world to impose speed restrictions, certainly Aust anyway.

    I know theres a thread in the NR archives about it. :grin: