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Restricted GSXR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BJR, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. I have read something interesting on a UK website saying that GSXR1100W's were restricted in the early 90's. And since I have a 93 GSXR1100W I was wondering if anyone else had heard of this before?

  2. I think they restricted bikes over there for the young who like them but can't have them because of power to weight rule (I think). IIRC I've read that r6's were restricted to 35bhp for learners.

    I'd say if it feels like a 400 then it might be restricted.
  3. Im pretty sure they were restricted a bit in the UK .. was it 100hp or something

    they werent restricted in Australia as far as i know though
  4. In the UK during the early 90's there was a big debate about how powerful superbikes were becoming so the big 4 Jap manufactures fearing that the government might impose a hp restriction did it themselves vouluntarily. ie;

    Kawasaki zzr100- Shallower carb tops to stop the carb pistons opening all the way...Took about 30mins and 20 pounds to cure using ZXr 750 carb tops.

    Yamaha FZR exup Rubber insert installed between airbox and carb inlets. Remedy one stanley knife , 1 hour and no cost.

    Suzuki GSXR 1100, Small clamp on throttle cable so carbys won't open all the way, remedy 6mm spanner and a pair of pliers. Cost nil

    Not sure what Honda did.

    Thankfully it worked and the the state nannys stopped looking at bikes. However bikes are still restricted to 100hp in Germany and there not as easy to modify.
  5. Thats too funny since they have Autobhans over there with no speed limit :roll:
  6. Same early-90s bull as in the UK, some Euro-manufacturers (notably BMW) voluntarily restricted to the 100hp ceiling.
    As things showed to become unworkable, is was dropped a few short years (2?) later.
    There are still many restricted models around, some of that period...most due to local licensing laws.
    i.e. Germany had a 10hp/17hp/27hp/50hp/above 50hp licensing system at some stage, later replaced by a 125cc/10hp (or was it 17hp?) which is still current and covered by any car-license.
    There was also a 34hp/50hp limit, as those applied to the "bracket-licensing", a way of stepping up in power after certain periods of holding a C-license/ then B-license/ finally the open A-license.
    AFAIK, that's still in place. 1 year min. for each group...and that applies to vehicle-registered-to-the-licenseholder, NOT time-of-license-held.

    They have still older 27hp BMWR65s around/ 34hp Bandit600s and the like/ 50hp CBR600s....things are changing as Euro-laws get hammered out.
  7. Thanks for the feedback,

    Paddyboy, I would be interested to know where the clamp is located so I can see if it mght be on my bike....
  8. Your welcome BJR, if your bike is a genuine australian delivered bike then there shouldn't be a problem but if it is a UK/Euro import the clamp will be back under the tank where the throttle cable is routed. The easisest way to check would be to drop of the air filter box and look inside the carbs. If the carb bodies slide up all the way then it will be okay. Hope this helps
  9. It's definately a genuine Australian delivered bike, so there should be no drama.... Thanks....