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Restricted full license - How did you cope?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bulby, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Having lost my L plate in January this year, I still have another... 8 months and 18 days before I'm off the restrictions. The urge to upgrade is killing me! It's almost like my first week of not smoking after deciding to go cold turkey.

    For those of you who has gone through the same bitter-sweet phase, how did you guys cope? What did you guys do to sort of "ease the pain"? :)

  2. Just researched and planned for the upgrade as well as practice. Practice. And practice some more.
  3. Practice is a given. Doing it everyday :biker:
    Problem is, the more I research and the more I plan, the more I want that upgrade to happen ASAP :LOL:

    Edit: Having said that, researching and planning are kinda fun too.
  4. Im still very happy with my GPX250. Handles well, and I can ride it quite hard and still be within the speed limit most of the time.

    In my case, I think a bigger bike would be boring, because I would have to ride it at 1/10th of its potential if I wanted to keep my licence!!!

    Different if you are doing track days, or are willing to take the risk of loss of licence.
  5. I plead the fifth.
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  6. I just realised that I've lived in Australia for roughly a quarter of my life and it just now clicked that "I plead the fifth" makes absolutely no sense outside of the US.
  7. ...my mortgage said no so I had no other choice...

  8. Same here been off my restrictions for quite a while now but, having my pay being prioritized somewhere else i have no choice but to stick to my VTR250!! Having said that it does go hard and is still fun but I'd upgrade in a heartbeat if i could!!
  9. Ah, Gen Y.... ;)
  10. I just want to be rid of my CB250. Another LAMS would be fine but I can't justify spending $$$ on another LAMS bike when in a few month's I can get a more powerful bike for not a lot more.

    It IS frustrating though as I just don't have the power to take off from the lights quicker than cagers - hence I don't split.

    How do I cope? Well, I just try and practice on every ride I go on. I get used to riding under certain conditions, braking, cornering etc and dreaming about a better bike.
  11. Just buy a full-noise bike that happens to have a LAMS variant, then practise saying "Really?! Well I was told it was..." in the mirror. Also practise explaining the lack of plates since you "thought" it was a LAMS bike...
  12. I can still take off faster than most cars, hell every time I decide I'll hang back, the dick at the lights isn't even paying attention so I miss out on the lights. So get to the front and go nuts!
  13. Learn to ride the shit out of the LAMS bike you have. Never stop learning. See what kind of riding you do the most. Touring, Communting, Solar Powered (only rides when the sun is out), Latte Sipping, Hooning, Track days etc etc etc.
    Then focus on a bike that will suit your needs and wants.
    The learn to ride the shit out of that bike and never stop learning.
  14. I bought a R1 and rode that -- wasnt that hard to cope at all
  15. mate you live in victoria, in nsw its 3 months Ls + 1 year on Ps and 2 on P2s assuming your not over 25 when you get your reds.

    harden up i still have 3 years left because i dicked around on my L plates for nearly a year as i was too lazy to take the most.

    However i have been able to cope easier knowing that my bike is lams approved with a power to weight ratio of 180kw/t + thanks to government incompetence.
  16. So says 'Sir Falloffalot'.......... :p
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  17. There are plenty of LAMs bikes that are fun and fast. Get a motard or just ride the GSX fast.

    Upgrading is placed too much importance. Remember your grandfather never rode anything that wouldnt be lams.
  18. track bike. problem solved :D :D
  19. get a sv650 LAMS then deristrict.....otherwise do some track days....I did 6x on restriction on the cbr250rr, in the meantime i was obsessed about reading articles on what it was like to step up to a 600.

    still have the 250 & ride it for a laugh now & then, but it feels like a toy compared to my gsxr600, in fact i have had more "Oh shit" moments on the 250rr, mainly do to shotty old suspension & lack of steering damper. The 600 is a much better all round bike, the 250 is top fun on the track (first knee down was on the 250) & easier to handle in heavy trafficking.

    The bigger bike is definitely not boring EVER!

    Who said you will only ride it to 1/10 its ability? if your a fairly competent rider you will be popping wheelies & wringings its neck in atleast the 1st three gears in a matter of months on the open road & in the city you can drag anything at the lights without sounding like your trying too hard...
  20. My old bike (Gt650r) died on me about 6 months ago, got my money back and figured it was pointless getting another 650 when I've always wanted a fireblade. So I bought the blade, it's been sitting in the garage not being ridden for the past 6 months, I go look at it every day and start it up just to hear the sound.

    I'm full licensed on Sunday, it's been the longest 6 months of my life, I cannot describe the feeling I have knowing that I can almost ride it.
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