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Restoring the Reefton Spur Speed Limit

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Ride Alot, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Is there a process where I/we can ask to have the inappropriate Reefton Spur Speed limit of 80kph increased back to where it was 100kph?

    I know of one case where the speed limit was overturned and that was Plenty Rd leading into Whittlesea. The limit was reduced from 80kph to an inappropriate 60kph and then returned back to 80kph after a public outcry.

    Current Actions
    Sir Ride A lot: Challenging reduction of speed limit, process, transparency, qualification of decision makers, lack of user/owner input and undemocratic/lazy legislation
    titus: Marysville letter campaign

    smee: Re-establish broken lines
    thetramp64: letter/media campaign highlighting the loss to local businesses
    Thera: Gain the support of council, car clubs, 4X4 recreational clubs and the nomadic tribe of old people
    titus: Gain support from local industry (logging, farming, mining and tourism) Frame argument around economic activity.
    the_blacke: Build argument that speed limit reduction has not had the desired effect.
    joedelosa: prepare a statement, studies and evidence that it's going to benefit the greater community and not just a handful of motorcyclists. Go through the correct process to get it passed
    Sir Ride Alot: Boycott local companies
    zenali: Reasoned argument
    spawn: Utilise Tasmania’s 'it's a limit not a target' signs
    Mouth: Historical description of a community where speed limit signs were removed by locals until authorities got sick of replacing them and raised the limit.
    DisgruntledDog: Petition
    Tuonop: The 85th percentile

    Pledges to Campaign Fund
    Sir Ride A lot: $200

    Pledges to charity post successful speed limit restoration
    ZRX1200R: $500

    Raven: Those true words from The Book of John

    Issues after the speed limit reduction
    Motorcycle deaths surge in Victoria and to date continue
    Motorcyclists singled out and harassed on the Reefton Spur
    Victoria Police conduct unsafe operations on the Reefton Spur targeting motorcyclists that endanger motorcyclists and the community
    Motorcyclists booked on the Reefton Spur for speeds over 80kph yet under 100kph

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  2. The public outcry would not have been so that that road could be used as a racetrack.
  3. Better to re establish the broken lines where now a solid white line does not allow overtaking.
  4. plenty road is also dead straight.
  5. just because somone wants to ride a road at 100k/hr doesn't mean they are racing.... it's stupid posts like this that we ended up with a 80 ](*,), those that as you put it "racing" which i doubt they are doing are already breaking the 100km/hr limit anyway so why punish the average public, you can still book these so called racers for 104km/hr, but guess they couldn't fill there quota and made their excess presence up there look stupid

    people have been enjoying road riding at varies speed for 50+ years, surely you can remember back to when you were a little younger and wild.....ffs i love hearing stories of my my old man about some of the roads they got around on and the stupid shit they would get up too.....

    Let me know what i need to sign to get it reversed, while your at it might try for the b/s aswell
  6. What a crock statement that is.

    The limit needs to be restored AND the road re-marked. While you may wobble around the Reefton at 60km/h Hornet and think that's plenty fast enough, there are those of us with a higher skill set and more capable machinery. Having a limit of 100 allows the vast majority of people to travel at a comfortable speed without needing to constantly check their speedo. It is nothing more than another venture in revenue collection.

    The stupidity of not re-marking lines post law change speaks for itself.
  7. Hey guys, don't feed the trolls! :rofl:
  8. Where do i sign?

    But like Hornet said, reefton spur is used like a racetrack, no point denying it.
    I would have liked to see the road re surfaced rather then the speed limit reduced, which is what our shit government seems to think is an acceptable fix for a lack of planning and infrastructure.

    Like i first said, where do i sign!
  9. drag strips are race tracks aren't they?
  10. Don't like your chances.

    You only have to look at all the back roads between Werribee, Laverton, Deer Park & Rockbank, Melton, Sunbury and so on. 20 years ago they were gravel or single lane goat tracks with a 100km/h limit, now they've been sealed and an 80 limit slapped on them meaning they've improved them to make them safer and lowered the speed limit......

    I will admit more traffic use them as a result of the improvements but I've lsot some great quick short cuts......
  11. How about all you idiots stop falling off every weekend and they might consider it?
  12. Couldn't have said it better!!
  13. I would LOVE to see Reefton and Black Spur both returned to 100. But it's never going to happen, and it's all the fault of motorcyclists.
    going up there and having a ride is fine, but over recent years way too many riders have crashed due to exceeding their ability. We know the speed limit isn't going to change that, but THEY know that forcing us to stay away will. At least on those roads. I wish it wasn't true, but it is.
    The answer?
    1. find somewhere else to ride
    2. stop exceeding your ability and crashing.
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  16. Ok, leaving aside the very logical (and correct) arguments as to why the limit was set lower, heres an idea.

    Lots and lots of letters in the local papers saying: "I'd love to spend money in your town, but now I avoid the joint, because some one at Vicroads set an inappropriate speed limit..."
    Get some press behind it and piss the local traders off....
    Suggest that they (the local traders) contact thier MP.
    Then someone like the MRA can (publicly) ask the local MP if he is aware of the local angst...
  17. he was doing 30clicks, dawdling behind some vans and slipped on what is thought to be some diesel? come on, give the old boy a break. this doesn't sound like the typical reckless riding that puts the heat on us and our fave spots.
  18. Have you seen Marysville lately?

    I know, I'm being cynical here. But what little there is left of local business is swamped on the weekends will well-meaning 'nanna' tourists. Warburton is full of hippies and Healesville is already so packed you can't get a park.
    The only locals who are likely to care are the Roadhouse and the Buxton pub.

    Quite honestly, the only way I see it changing is if bikes stay away for about a decade and the forestry guys complain to the Industry Minister.

  19. so how is that any different to learners that are crashing under the posted limit, maybe we should change the pass to be 25km/hr....seems at 30ish you can still crash....seems the logic they applied to b/s oh wait you taking about the blokes that are riding above the 100/km/hr limit and not crashing, yeah right that makes sense drop the limit cos those blokes where following whats signs say anyway ](*,) geez seems the pollies logical is rubbing off on the general public
  20. #20 loki, Apr 23, 2010
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    people going too fast on roads they don't know.
    skilled riders who are learning to race their mates through the twisties and crash trying to outbrake someone.
    riders who are too focused on their top-speed speedo bragging-rights who miss their braking point and crash.
    riders who like going very fast but don't like wearing protective gear, so inevitably show up as a fatality.
    5. ATGATT riders who don't overtake vans on double lines through blind twisties, but who get taken out by a spot of diesel.