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Restoration Project - Honda P50

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by PHerbie, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. If you were crazy you'd start a restoration project, your first ever, on the strangest, oldest bike you could find.

    That's what i've done. It's started. Here's the pic.

    Comments? Hints? Tips?



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  2. Different.
  3. Haven't seen one of these for a while...
    Something different indeed.

    I think it needs a basket on the front.
  4. Hey great, a basket would be good. Have you got a spare one?:p
  5. -2 on the front sprocket?
  6. Start by flushing/lubing all the cables and then go to the carby and clean that. Check she's getting spark and change the oil/filters. Now see how she goes.

    You should probably go for a valve clearance check (assuming its four stroke?) as well, not too hard on these small Hondas.

    Other than that I've got little specific information... only similar experience is with CT110's.

    Cheers - boingk
  7. Ooh, Honda's attempt at a VeloSolex type thingy. Like all mopeds it should be a hoot to ride under the right circumstances and with the appropriate attitude.

    I think the P50's a two-stroke so I'd guess at a decoke and new crank seals.
  8. Nice starting point PHerbie and weird and rare enough here to justfy doing. I imagine they would have been pretty popular in Japan in the era so you would probably find stacks of bits for it over there. Good luck with it.
  9. Cool. I wonder - would there be a direct drive hiding in that pie dish of a rear hub?

    Random thought - there's a velo solex on ebay at the moment. I wonder how hard it would be to graft the front on? 2wd anyone?
  10. It's a four stroke. Was running but pretty poorly when I got it. I have started by stripping it down and doing a bit of a clean. Trouble is, i'm finding more and more things that need doing.

    I have two aims, one is to restore this bike. The other is to learn the techniques of restoring any bike. (and to do both fairly cheaply)

    I have started by restoring the rear wheel. It was buckled, broken spokes etc. I have torn it down, polished up the rim and sand blasted and painted the hub. Lightfoot engineering has made me a custom set of spokes and I'm gonna try to put it all together straight.

    Trouble is, this bike seems to be so rare I am having lots of difficulty getting parts. What would be ideal is having another I could salvage for parts.

    Does anyone know of anywhere/anyone that might have one of these or bits of one of these lying around?
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    Progress has been slow. But, it's getting there.

    p50 11th Oct 028.JPG p50 11th Oct 034.JPG

    And YES, it has a basket. (well a front rack anyway).
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  12. That has turned out really well. You've done a great job for your first project. Onwards and upwards ;-)
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  13. needs tassles. Seriously,
    the similar thing I had years ago had tassles.