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rest stop friend

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. snake at stop

    Was out pillioning my son this afternoon , stopping for a break at the nepean dam we found we were not alone


    I knew it was a python and not dangerous, was pretty cool, And seemed unworried about us it stayed a while before slowly moving on.

    Anyone else found anything cool sharing a stop with them?
  2. No, but the springtime certainly seems to have brought out the wildlife. I've seen 3 echidnas on Macquarie Pass the last 2 days and a big blue-tongue lizard was crossing the road just outside of the Pie Shop this arvo.
  3. Centralian Python?

    Amazing creatures, snakes. Lucky you didn't get a skittish one!
  4. If it had of looked venomous i would have been well away from there, there was a echidna running across in front of us between berry and kangaroo valley last weekend too, the wildlife is out hunting for mates it seems.
    Till we came along the python had picked a good spot, just after it left a large skink came wandering across and would have been dinner if it were still there
  5. At work, i was sitting in our lunch shed, something us council blokes like doing :) and 1 day a red belly black snake decided to pop his head in to see what we blokes were doing, thats when the famous council shovel came in handy.
  6. Does anyone else remember the famous huge goana that lived in the picnic area of the Upper Yarra Dam? Used to scare the squids out of some of the visitors, particularly those who were not from Australian :LOL:.
  7. Went passed a little echidna waddling along the side of the road :) Also saw two big, bloated wombats by the road :( And the Sat 10am ride accidentally took out a blue tongue lizard :(
  8. Well a council shovel would never be used for it's intended function (moving dirt) :rofl:
  9. Was riding near Kenilworth when a deer the size of a horse ran out of the bush near the road about 10 foot from hubbys bike. All ok, the deer ran back the other way as soon as it saw the bikes, but it was the very last thing we expected to come across. Couldnt believe the size of it too.
  10. Australia.

    Yay! I get to correct someone else on their spelling... got ya Hornet!! :grin:
  11. Out on a ride the other day with my son-in-law, I saw a turtle crossing the road, and I did a quick swerve to miss it. I thought I had, too, but the SOL reported that he thought I'd run over a frisbee it flew so far, so guess not.

    RIP turtle. :(
  12. Oh, that's a pity. Black snakes are amongst the most timid of our poisonous friends. Also if there are black snakes around there are probably not many brown snakes. Brown snakes are far more aggressive and poisonous than blacks!

    I once had a tiger snake in my bedroom. :)

  13. Here it is leaving the building!


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