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Rest in Peace ~ Lilly (Not a biking death)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by huzey, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Just so people know, a few days ago. A girl called Lilly has killed herself due to stress from HSC exams. She was only 18 years old and had the rest of her life ahead of her...

    I personally didn't know her, but I think this should be a big wake up call to parents who pressure their kids, or kids themselves that think HSC is the be all, end all.


    Myself being a HSC student I can relate to this, it's just so tragic and I'm asking myself...why?

    Best wishes to her family....


  2. yeah... it's but one academic benchmark among many.

    There are lots of very successful people who have never sat HSC, or gone on to further academic goals.

    Sorry to hear (read) about this, life is to be enjoyed, esp @ 18.

    (EDIT: Hey MODS, better move this to"off topic" I think)

  3. :(

    RIP Lilly.

    18, and so cute. The world will surely miss her.
  4. Hey dude
    Im in the same (hsc) boat aswell.

    I get quite stressed over it all sometimes. Actually on thursday i was *really* stressed and Charmed helped me out (thanks Charmed :grin: ). I spose for some people they just look at the HSC as the end of the world thing. Although its over the top - i can see where they are coming from (the hsc is very stressful) - but it is no reason to kill oneself.

    Terrible loss to lose a girl under such terrible circumstances. :(

    I have seen many people this year doing desperate things to get a high hsc mark. Most people think of the obvious (cheating etc) , but some things that i have seen this year sicken me. I'm not going into any more details about that *publicly*.

    Condolences to family and friends
  5. Thanks for bringing this up huzey.

    There has been some of this going around recently - another VCE kid and a close friend who was doing her PHD.

    For what ever reason people get caught up in the fact that they must complete their study or they will have no options - for VCE and HSC and even Uni, that is a complete load of crap.

    Its been 10 years since I did it, an none of my friends nor myself can even remember how they / we did. I went back to uni at 22 to do a degree and my brother has just started his at 31 (he didn't even do VCE).

    HSC and VCE aren't a big deal, at least not as big as you might think at the time. FFS - if you are stressed about school, sit back and remember - its only school - there are plenty of other things to do with your time.

    It is really sad and frustrating that kids are under so much unnecessary stress that they think that killing themselves is even an option.

    RIP Lilly - you silly, selfish little girl. :(
  6. Jesus, that is the saddest thing i've heard in a while. My heart goes out to family and friends.

    Im jumping the conclusion but here it goes: The pressures placed on the final year at school are ridiculous. I know for my last year there was way too much emphasis placed on getting a good score and getting into a uni course. I wasnt too sure if it was just my school and its career planning department in place, but this event confirms that perhaps it wasn't.

    Now I can only speak from my experiences but when i did year 12(4 years ago) it was all about getting into university. Not once was there any coverage on the other options such as apprenticeships. Other options that might involve doing something that perhaps you might enjoy doing now, and further down the track. It was generally the ones that struggled academically that were pushed towards apprenticeships.

    For someone such as myself who didnt really know what they wanted to do in year 12, the persuassion was to get the best possible score and get into a uni course. Looking back, I soon realised that 1 year of your life CANNOT determine the rest of your life, so i didnt give a s*** when it came to exam time. Now im one year away from finishing a degree in a field im still not sure if i want to be in. A few mates have already finished apprenticeships and making more money than my "garanteed" post graduate starting wage.

    But for individuals who do have firmly set goals of where they want to be, there needs to be some sort of system in place that explores and supports the options if those goals arent reached. Its possibly the last year of your schooling life with the people you've most likely grown up with. For christ's sake enjoy it!
  7. it has been proven that no one kills themselves over one thing. there are many factors and the HSC is just one of them.

    our education system is pretty poor. it doesn't teach values or common sense. any parent who thinks the HSC is that critical deserves to have their genes wiped from the pool. its natural selection.

    yeah, i know, that was mean of me........but have a look at what time it is!

    there are many people at post grad level like myself that feel this way [so you see, it's not just the drop outs who became billionaires!]
  8. My main sore point on HSC of late is the push, push, must do, must have that teachers & school seem to putting on students right from the start of High School it seems to have these days. Your life DOES NOT depend on the end result of your high school years.

    Having already gone through this once with son1 & now again with son2 about start ( yr 12 actaully starts Term4 of your yr 11 ). We had to go to an information night on how it all works & hell still couldnt get a grip on it. Must do this to achieve this & yet must do this & this to achieve that.
    Bring back where exams MATTER & not work that you MUST also do along with HSC Exams to actually pass & get that piece of paper.

    Remember the day when all the work you did all year was to prepair you for the end of year exam. Now its you MUST achieve complete units along with the exmas to actually pass. Fail a until you FAIL FULL STOP .. Wrong in my view.

    As I said to evilooliver ... " Deep breath, RELAX, treat it as just another test, dont over study & no cramming on the morning of. And dont forget your weetbix" :p
  9. I had 4 :grin: