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Respro Foggy mask

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Bam Bam, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Has any one tried one of these?
    I just put in an order for a black one and the reviews have been VERY positive with many claiming 99% success rate!

    It is only for full face helmets and attaches to the helmet, not your head.

    Link: Foggy® Mask | Respro®

    You Tube review:

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  2. Never tried one of those. I use Pinlock on my Arai helmet and to me it seems more convenient to use and maintain.

    Also Pinlock is available on modular helmets.
  3. I also use pinlock and have no issues with fogging, but this thing may be of use to people that wear glasses?
  4. Thank you Bam BamBam Bam my helmet can't take a pinlock and I've been using Scott anti-fog spray on the inside. Works well up to a point but if it's bad fogging conditions it will slowly start to fog & I have to crack the visor at the lights sometimes. That's a pain if it's bucketing down. I was fiddling around trying to make something like this using a cut up cartridge filter respirator mask but not making much progress. Looks like I'll be spending £20!

    I recommend Scott brand anti-fog spray as an alternative. Picked up a little bottle at Peter Stevens, has lasted over 2 winters, reapplied every couple of days. Works pretty well.
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  5. I bought one of these one month ago to fit to my second helmet , its a shoei xr1000 and a pig of a thing at fogging up . Fitted it up and instant success no more fogging . The only drawback I have noticed is my breathe condensation hangs around in your nostrils / bottom of your nose, feels like a partial runny nose . But no more fogging up the visor so a big win . Highly recommend .
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  6. I wear glasses too and I bought an oxford one of these, it works great although it doesn't always stay in place when putting on and taking off your helmet. the oxford one has a chin curtain and less velcro. this one looks much better.
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  7. Thanks for the feedback! Yet to hear anything bad about these!
  8. Mine just arrived!
    I will fit it to the helmet tonight and give it a test!
    Looks very well made.
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  9. So, I just spent the last half hour walking around with my helmet on, no fog! I know it's not 4 degrees in the morning, but before I put the Foggy in my helmet, it fogged up on my first breath.
    It definitely works like advertised and is easier than I thought to fit.
    The internal sun visor still works without touching the mask at all.
    It also does not make you struggle to breathe like some mask do, seeing that it's attached to the helmet and does not touch my mouth.
    Since its attached to helmet, it also doesn't get pushed off when you put the helmet on, unlike a mask.
    After walking around for half an hour with it, it was not in anyway uncomforble.
    Would highly recommend this! image. image.
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  10. Pics image.

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