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Respro Bandit Scarf (Mask) review

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by mugen86, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. 2ro59g8.
    Comfort: 2/5 -- Doesn't fit well and keeps sliding down no matter how tight I tie it at the back. The cloth is rigid and folded in an awkward way. The chin strap only works to pull the mask down further. When pulled tight at the back the aluminum nose tab presses against the nose. When I try to put my helmet on the mask will slide down so it needs some adjusting.

    Value: 4/5? -- It is meant to last a minimum of 6 months assuming it is used every day and washed once a month. It only costed me $60.

    Effectiveness: 2.5/5 -- There are always gaps no matter how I wear it. Exhaust fumes will always get through. But when I put my helmet on it kinda presses it against my cheeks and closes the gap under my chin/neck. It does seem to filter out exhaust fumes to an extent.

    Appearance: 4/5 -- I like the way it looks :)

    Overall: 2.5/5 -- Could have been much better with a strap that goes over the ears. It seems to work better if I put the chin strap around my head and over my ears. Not too difficult to put a helmet over and then pull the fabric up.
  2. :shock:


    EDIT: Guess no-one got the joke..
    That cushiony thing behind your head ... a really comfy back protector?
  3. Thx Mugen.

    Appreciate the review.
  4. I'd appreciate it much more if it was in the reviews section instead instead of being dumped in Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts
  5. It looks like simple piece of cloth. Does it have frame inside? and filter?

    How much you got it and where?
  6. It doesn't have a frame but it does have a washable filter. The hard part is getting the filter over your nose and mouth so that the air intake is going through the filter and not through any gaps in the mask.

    It costed me $60 from Cecil Walker Cycles on Elizabeth St, Melb