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Respraying trailer - easy way?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robbied, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Hey guys

    I have a trailer that I want to spray to use for hauling the bike around. Its a good trailer it even has built in ramps it just has a lot of surface rust

    What is an easy and cheap way to stop the rust getting worse and paint the trailer?

    I dont need a fancy paintjob just a durable even coat.


  2. Remove rust
    You can pay someone to sandblast the trailer, or you can hire a 13 horsepower water pressure blaster + gritblasting kit from Kennards and do it yourself. Might cost you $250 to have it for a day, I think.

    Again - you can pay for a professional spray paint job. OR you can buy a type of paint called "Duragal" [I think... can't remember] it's basically a spray/paint on coating that acts as a painted surface to stop rust and I think also has some metallic sacrificial anode properties to stop rust.

    I know it can come in an aerosol can, dunno about a tin for you to just roll on or whatever. A local galvanising or metal-working place could probably answer these questions for you.

    ... make sure to do underneath too!
  3. Cheap way is to use a drinking stray and a can of household paint and blow/spray the paint.... But don't swallow.... hic hic ... :beer:
  4. Thanks for the reply

    So would it be a bad idea to not get it sandblasted and just spray rust inhibiting paint over it? If the rust is covered will it stop rusting?
  5. Sand it until rust free then paint, by brush or spray, with "hammertone"
  6. If theres rust under the paint, chances are its going to come back...

    If its JUST surface rust, grab a few sanding discs and go to town with a 7" disc sander. And clean it up best you can, remembering its only a trailer, if it rusts again, repaint it again, to keep it presentable.

    IF your really concerned youc an buy "fish oil" which you paint over it like normal paint... It works wonders (anybody seen a rusty fish?)

    then paint it normally.

    DuraGal, is a process of galvanising steel, just like hot dip galv. but its a lot thinner coating. You can buy DuraGal branded paint. for touching up welds and such, but you can expect to pay around $20 per spray can of it. And it wont help if there is rust underneath the paint.
  7. Thats gonna take a while....

    would it make that much difference?
  8. You should remove the rust that's there before painting. Otherwise your paint will flask off and it'll rust again.

    The cheapest, easiest and most available way to do it yourself is to hire a water blaster from Kennards with a gritblast kit. Get the 13hp petrol one and you'll have the trailer done in about an hour depending on it's size & how you go getting underneath it.

    Or ring a gritblasting bloke to get a quote.

    ... oh and if you do it yourself, you need to buy "abrasive grit", you can NOT use sand. Sand releases a silicate upon impact with a hard surface which is a carcinogen and = big smacks if you're caught doing it.

    + cancer's pretty bad too.
  9. Cancers bad? gawdayum. No bugger ever told me that. or i would have paid attention to all those labels on my cigarette packets :p :LOL:
  10. Yeah, my way takes time, but do it once- do it well.
  11. Ahhh here we go.
    ^4000psi pressure cleaner, $164 for 4 hours hire. Same price to have it overnight.
    Ring beforehand and ask them about a gritblasting kit for it - they can do this, even if they say "Awww we don't have one" or whatever: they can buy it in and hire it to you. Just tell them to ask "Hamish at Australian Pumps" about it [they're the mob that builds the pressure cleaners for Kennards - I used to work for them and I've used these gritblast kits before. They work bloody well.]

    Then paint trailer with this stuff

    You should have a pretty solid trailer after that.
  12. Yeah, that paints worth a fortune.

    With the hiring, plus the costs of the paint. buy a new trailer. Then its a new trailer, new hubs bearings springs, wheels. The whole shooting match.

    $400 will get you a new trailer... probably only $100 odd bucks more than what your looking at spending to do up the old one.
  13. Depending on the condition of the trailer and how long you plan on keeping it, you could get it sand blasted and hot dipped galvanised and it would last till your unable to ride a motorcycle again due to old age.

    my outlaws got their 6x4 done in adelaide for about $350-$400 late last year.

    but if you do paint it ONLY use good quality automotive paint.
  14. Definitely sandblast it, or get someone to blast it for you.

    That white knight paint is the goods too, used it for my car frame, very tough durable paint.
  15. Okay if I get the gritblasting kit can I just use it at my house? We have water restrictions are you allowed to use it domestically?

    Also I have been told about this stuff you brush on the rust and the rust goes black and washes off?
  16. You have to weigh this up a bit. Frankly, if you really like the trailer, go get it acid dipped and phosphate coated, then spray it with your choice of a proper oil based enamel. It won't be the cheapest option, but it will stop the rust dead and give you a clean slate for fresh paint.
    If you REALLY love the trailer, get it dipped then galvanised. Galvanising is done by weight of metal deposited, a box trailer should be around $250-300, but that's all you have to worry about for at least 5 years.
    Sanding/wire brushing etc is not going to cut it long term.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. hammertone is good stuff and damn cheap and perfect for crappy surfaces as it fills gaps in

    put trailer on milk crates and take wheels off and spray over , for any bad rust then go over with angle grinder or wire brush

    it wont rust away and the hammertone will give it a decent coat at minimal cost
  18. +1
  19. I had surface rust on my trailer (that I bought off a mate for a bottle o Bundy) so I just painted it with rust converter. It's a clear fluid that reverses the oxidisation process. Looks a bit naff but apparently you can paint over it. I didn't bec it's only a trailer and will look ordinary again soon.

    You could paint it with Killrust paint - I believe it too reverses the oxidisation too.
  20. The reason I suggest galvanising is this: every box trailer I have seen has been built in such a way that water can collect in unwelded seams where panels and structural members join.
    If this trailer has EVER been outside, it has water in these seams. Dipping and galvanising not only gets rid of this water, but removes teh rust in there, and the galvanising process typically fills these ares with Zinc.

    Regards, Andrew.