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Respraying a muffler

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by matressking, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. I've searched around but can't find the answer to this one.
    I bought a muffler from a wrecker which has some scratches and a little surface rust on it.

    I want to restore it's matte black finish and I'm wondering how difficult this is?

    I imagine it is an easier job than respraying fairings and also I wont mind if it doesn't look the best, I just don't want the scrathches to draw your eye down there.

  2. Reasonably straightforward though it depends on how good you want it to look, and how bad it is now.
    First step would be to hit it with some sandpaper to remove most of the rust and roughen the surface up slightly so the new paint has something to stick to. If you were really keen you could possibly sand it back enough to remove the scratches - though that depends on how deep they are.
    Next up apply rust converter to kill any remaining rust then spray on some flame/heat-proof paint (normal spraypaint won't work).
  3. cheers jd!

    reckon i'll give it a try then. the scratches aren't really that bad. it was more the type of paint/the process that i was concerned about.

    i'll see if I can pick up some paint at the weekend!
  4. Any auto store should stock heatproof paint.
    I've found the VHT brand stuff to be good, as is the Septone brand you find at Supercheap Auto. Important to note though that heatproof paints won't fully cure until they get hot - so once it's dry it's best to take the bike for a decent ride somewhere, and make sure it's not raining when you do ;).