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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by blaringmike, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. I was just wondering weather anyone knows what it would cost to respray a bike to something like the bike below. Including paint, labour and stickers. Assuming most of the fairings are straight.

  2. $2000 might be a close guess, add $400 for stripping (but this 4-- might be included)
  3. Search. Question gets asked and answered weekly.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. yeah man i woudnt bother
    about $1600 plus stickers probaly more im guessing u want a top notch job
  5. Can I just ask why its so expensive? (prob gets asked often as well)
  6. anyone no wat a single colour allover woud cost on say a gt250r, not a fan of the colors they cum in wana no how much more $$$ its gonna set me bak, an i aint gonna want stikers at all
  7. Most of the expense goes into labour. Panels need sanding and/or stripping so the new paint will adhere, and so a smooth finish is attained.

    I usually use at least 3 grades of sandpaper after the panels have been filled and primered, once you do this you'll see how quickly the hours add up.

    I've sprayed a few of my track bikes (one this weekend), but 2 pack isn't something that DIY'ers should really attempt to use. It has highly carcinogenic compounds in it and proper breathing apparatus should ALWAYS be used. Enamel is okay, but harder for the first timer to achieve a great finish.

    If you prepped all of the panels to a state where you'd be happy (this would probably be a lot different to what a professional would be happy with!), it might cost $500 for a painter to hit with the gun, plus stickers.
  8. What about super simple jobs, like a full matt black paint job?
  9. There are alot of cbr250rrs around that are sold freshly imported, just having been serviced and repainted, and made into the best nic possible considering their age. They go for about 7-7.5k - if you have the money its worth spending the extra amount and getting it from somewhere that does exactly this if you're going to be forking out 6 grand anyway.
  10. You can buy cans at super cheapo auto that will do teh job fine...
  11. $400 for a decent budget job

    $800+ for a pro job

  12. But.. but... that involves effort in my part :p
  13. yes, indeed.
    either your effort or someone elses.....only someone else isnt likely to do it for charity ;)
  14. Point taken. But I'd gladly fix mechanical stuff myself. Painting is just one of those things I don't like doing. I have an extremely sensitive nose. One whiff of any sort of paint etc, I'm sneezing for hours.