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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by timmy84, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. Just trying to get some info on respraying my bike. i can get hold of a compressor and spray gun.Should i take the old paint off? or just spray over it???any info will help.

  2. You could just remove the fairings and take them to a spray shop. If they just need a spray and don't really require any labour (take the windscreen etc off yourself before taking them down) I'm assuming they'd do it on the cheap...
  3. Have a look this link!!!

    It show you the step of respray/ paint you bike.

    Also I do have a bike magazine with DIY paint job info. I can bring it with me on Coffee night - Monday/ Friday.


  4. Thanks for that info, i'll sus out both options of doing it myself or just getting a spray painter to do it.which ever is cheaper i'll go with.
  5. I think do it yourself would be cheaper, but the techni wont be as good as done by profession.

    I am on the same boat as you, I think mostly I will go for DIY, draw some special pattern on it as well :p
  6. if you go DIY remember to sand it all back and clean it firstly - most important
    also if its a straight colour, non metallic etc its real easy and a load cheaper to do yourself plus you can then tell everyone that you did it

    good luck with it all
  7. if you spray it yourself, just remember a couple things that will keep the finish good for the most part.

    1) the prep work is the most important bit, if you have scratches or pitting then they will stick out like dogs balls when you spray it. you dont have to go back to bare metal but make sure you give it a rub back and then get some primer on it. the primer will let you see any problems before you start spraying.

    2) when your spraying, take your time. dont try to acheive too much in one hit and do a few coats. if you get runs on one coat, let it dry properly then sand it back then get back on the way and learn from what you did wrong.

    just sprayed my first car and it turned out pretty well, i did the spraying fine but i didn't spend enuff time on the prep. the finish is still ok for what i wanted but for a bike, i'd do it a lot better, not anywhere near as much surface area. have fun eh :D
  8. Actually I wonder where would have a huge range of spray paint for bike/car? and where can I get the plastic filler for repair before I respray it?

  9. theres a paint shop on the corner of cheltenham rd and bennet st in dandenong and another a little further down cheltenham rd. both of those places have just about anything you can think of to do with painting/repairing bodywork. cost me around $200-$250 to do a complete respray on the kingswood, would have been more if i wanted a top notch job but it is just for selling....