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respray exaust

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by OG, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. Hey, just bought a across im thinking baout respraying the exaust

    after i take it off is there any seal that i would need to replace?
    ill have a look tonight but would it be hard to get off?

    im thinking ill give it a quick sand get rid of the rust then just paint it with black engine block paint from autobarn

    im quite good at painting from a can just wondering if it would be hard to get off and if there would be anything i could screw up

  2. I'm pretty sure you will be fine. Spose you could use some of the gasket glue stuff.

    Really depends what sort of exhaust setup it is. Just wack it on. If you think its leaking it probably is.

    Make sure you get all the lose crap off the exhaust before you paint it.
  3. You'll need new exhaust gaskets (4 of) between the engine and the header.

    Sand the pipe back REAL good to shiny metal, then use Exhaust Manifold paint (super high heat) or else your paint will flake off and look very sh..
  4. whom do i go to to get the exaust gaskets?
    is there a specific part number i need to find or do i just pull the old one out and tell a mechanic to find me 4 like this one?
  5. Any suzuki shop should be able to order them for you, couple of days at most, some may even have in stock.