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Respray costs?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by outactrl, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Hi all,
    Im in the middle of getting a 2004 R6, its the right price, but not the colour i want,
    to get the colour i want (05 black) is always a few thousand more, so the next best thing is to respray the undamaged bike to the colour i want.

    Anyone know what costs i can expect?
    or even better, can anyone recommend a place to have it done?
    (In Melbourne)

  2. Don't take my word for it, but after talking to a few people here, it will cost roughly $800 for someone else to do it.
  3. Are you talking about the matte black? haha nice paint job I must say.
    Don't forget about the decals after the paint... maybe another $100 or so there.
  4. PM me if you like - there's a spraypainter on the Mornington Peninsula who is brilliant - if he is available I can then let you know. Prolly around the cost Huzey gave you, can't be sure. Doubt you'd be disappointed at his work.
  5. Thanks for the help all,
    I am looking for a Shop in the north west of Melbourne to do the spraying, (so its close to home) .
    Anyone know many shops in that area.

    I have a mechanic mate that will help pull that panels and tank off, so i should be able to save a few $$ there.
    but im hoping, since its just Gloss black and Matt black, it sholdnt cost to much.

    i hope....

    better yet, if someone has an 05 r6 in Raven colours, and needs to get rid of it for under 10K give us a Call

    LOL.... dont like my chances...
  6. dude go for a killer non-decal matte black... black leathers, matte black helmet...
    black/white number plate...

    that'd look killer!
  7. Here comes Ghostrider mkII :)
  8. yeh i got qouted $250 for the full bike. Thats 2 colour pearl with a UV clear coat. Hes a good friend of mine. PM if you want and ill send you to him.

  9. agreed matte black looks killer. is also going to be the cheapest finish. most of the cost in painting is in the labour - repeated sanding, and sanding and sanding. gloss black is the hardest to finish, matte the easist. taking off the plastics and fitting them yourself is a good idead to save cash.
  10. without knowing his name, i think i know the bloke your talking about there because i've heard ALOT of people tell me about his work and his prices for cars etc so i can only imagine bike spray would be the same
  11. Maybe, maybe not - there's more that one gun guy down here - I've not been disappointed tho'.
  12. paint workz

    is painting bikes the same as cars? with cars you can get a cheap accrillic job for about $600 but it will fade in a year or so depending on the job. whereas baked paint would be around the $2000 mark and is supposed to be closer to factory paintwork.

    are the prices above for accrillic or baked? has anyone had it done and how did they find it? im looking at getting a fireblade done in gloss black myself.
  13. seeing as nobody has done the "downer" post -
    ponder this, a painted bike (such as mine) looks as though it has been wrecked and painted, regardless of how good th job is.
    people will ask Q's and you will be defending your bike should you ever decide to sell.

    however, fugg them and get the bugger sprayed, its your bike after all and you want it to look how YOU want it.

    my post is worth NO cents :LOL:
  14. G'day everyone,.......

    Well I had my Fireblade Airbrushed with artwork,....
    around 3k,....

    If you can,it might be worth personalizeing your bike a bit.

    Just a thought.

    Dr Who?
  15. Hey mate,

    I had a '05 CBR600RR in the candy colours, red/purple/silver and got that re-sprayed for $1200

    That was with it all in mint condition, no damage, genuine honda stickers, in black. I took all the fairings off my self, and all the bits and pieces off as well to minimise the cost as much as possible.

    This was all done in sydney, but just a figure to look at, got it done at Crows Custom Paint, did an awesome job.

    i got quotes of $1700 aswell, dont really know how people got quotes in the $700 ranga :?

    oh well

    hope it works out, nothing like a custom paint job to make the bike pop!

  16. G'day everyone......

    I have seen some bikes with the usual flames and sculls etc,.....
    so I picked a theme that I liked in the Sci-Fi area.....
    Then had the bike airbrushed.......
    I just need to get some of those OGGY KNOBS...
    A mate of mine the other day jumped on my bike and it fell over on him.....
    He was'nt moveing just standing still,.....he could'nt suport the weight of the bike and slowly let it down.....
    Just a few stone scratches and thats all on a side plate and thats all thank goodness.
    Back from the artist 2days and this already......
    So now I will get those OGGY KNOBS just in case......

    Dr Who?
  17. it really depends on whats involved as to what the finished figure ends up....some models have stickers all over the panels which takes us hours to remove and refit....As stange as it may seem matte jobs are not always the most simple thing to do....For example the colour shifts when 2k Matte clear is applied...so if painting an edge to edge single panel we have to spray out numerous cards with diffrent reduction ratios in reducer,diffrent amounts of coats (heavy and light coats) and diffrent types of activators.....we also finish the insides of any panels that we repair... so that eats up a bit of time aswell