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Responsible rider wanted to pillion other half...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bamm-Bamm, May 4, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    Well, after finally talking my other half into getting her L's...(thanks Deb and the other female netriders) the time has come to get her on a bike. As I am on L's myself I cannot take her so am looking for somebody who would be willing to pillion her in to coffee this friday night for her first taste of 2 wheeled freedom... :)

    I don't have riding gear for her so if anybody could perhaps organise a lend of Helmet. Boots, Gloves etc that would be fantastic and greatly appreciated...we would be departing from the Bayswater area so anybody who can help me out please let me know ASAP...beofre she loses her nerve...lol


  2. Roughcacuts...and hi other half -- Shannon...

    I've just got myself new gears, so I have a spare jacket and pants.

    I work in the CBD, how about you Keith?

    Can arrange to give you the gears tomorrow if that's easier.
  3. Hi Joyce,

    Thanks very much for the kind offer :) ...now I just need to find gloves, helmet oh and another community minded netrider...lol...I will shoot you a pm later re picking the stuff up from you...I don't work in the eastern suburbs so would have to catch up tomorrow night to pick up if thats ok...

    Thanks again...

  4. lol my wife tells me she trusts my riding more than my driving... hence when the little one was finaly coming and my wife could not drive to the hospital she was seriously considering jumping on the back of my bike...
  5. Calling all netriders...can somebody help me out?
  6. Would love to help out, however I am in the far west at Werribee so is almost cut lunch and a waterbag to get out to you.
  7. Ok I'm good for gloves..large/ helmet medium FF and a dryrider XL if you need them I'm in Upwey I have PMd you my phone number. 8)
  8. Craig has offered to pillion in a friend of mine from work this Friday but seeing as i havent been to work this week (lovely combo of flu and bronchitis) I have't seen her to ask if she wants to come in. You could PM him to see if he still wants to take in a pillion.
  9. I've got the jacket and pants here with me...Keith..

    I'm happy to drop it off tonight.......or whichever way the plan goes.
  10. Wish I could help, but with my dodgey knee, I am out of action.
    My jacket is here at home with me, got a spare helmet.
    My normal helmet, boots, gloves and BIKE, YES BIKE are 40km away from me!!!If you think to borrow some stuff, let me know. I live in Wheelers Hill.
    0412 746 552
  11. To all who offered assistance thanks very much!

    Andrew & Joyce will get back to you just trying to get in contact with Craig to orgainise a lift...won't be needing gloves and helmet etc without it...lol

    Cheers again,

  12. Thanks to all who offered assistance...a seat and gear has been found...see you all at coffee
  13. i got the winning ticket
  14. :applause: :applause: :applause: Craig saves the day once again. Cyas at my place for the ride to coffee tomorrow night :D
  15. you lying bugger , i rang him and told him before he spoke to deb and first thing he said was "whats she look like " :LOL:
    then he rang deb

    i will dob you in :LOL:
    r/ cactus , all jokes aside , your missus is in safe hands
    riding and all other respects.