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Response GPS/GSM Tracking Device

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by chilliman64, May 18, 2016.

  1. hi guys - anyone had the (dis)pleasure of trying to set one of these up?

    I have so far spent about 4 hours and I am ready to go postal.

    the instructions are in Chinglish. there is no local support. the dealer doesn't know how to set them up other than their friendly advice of 'a tracker is better than an alarm, this one is a good one, just grab a sim card and you're good to go'.

    any tips or encouragement would be appreciated. I called the dealer and told them I'm fed up and will be back later in the week for a refund as it is a piece of sh1t and they wouldn't be selling and promoting them if they knew how difficult the activation process was.

  2. Does it do anything for your insurance premium?

    Might be easier to go for something like a datadot application to reduce your premiums?
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  3. Neighbour set up two of them - one each on his then wife's car and her suspected boyfriend's, I could ask him but he got a 4 1/2 year holiday for that:inpain::inpain:
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  4. Yowzers!

    chilliman64chilliman64, what seems to be the main issue? I can have a quick look at it if you like.
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  5. thanks guys.

    @george0 - I thought it would give me a bit of 'peace of mind' the dealer talked me out of an alarm saying this would be better...
    Rus LerRus Ler - at least it's possible to set them up so that's a plus
    69SIM69SIM - dealer did the install, I just had to get a simcard (done) then go through a list of sms' to the unit/website. the website provided and app have changed. I called the importer who said there was no local support and I should contact the supplier. I called them and they disagreed that it was discontinued but said it was a 3-4 hour process if it worked properly and they knew that it was a difficult and frustrating procedure. thank you for the offer of assistance mate it is much appreciated.

    I've sent an email off to the supplier asking them to perform a function they need to in order to activate everything, provided I've done everything correctly it should be up and running in a day or two. if not they did make the offer to set it all up for me which I might get them to do.

    it's a fcuking pain in the a55. this chinese made crap (which it seems is mostly the case with electronics these days) comes with sh1t instructions that are very confusing to someone who works out of their industry.

    when i spoke to the dealer I was pi55ed. I asked them if they had ever done a full install and they said they hadn't. I told them if I couldn't get it to work I wanted a full refund and suggested they look into this and the apparent simplicity as I doubted they would be endorsing this product if they knew what a headfcuk it was.
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  6. I SERIOUSLY think you need a ride.....
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  7. you got that right brother - the voices in my head are taking control!
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  8. In time of technology frustration I turn to an old friend I call YouTube :), worth a try anyway
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  9. great idea Westy I hadn't thought of that - I've been so nicked that I didn't try YT when usually it is on my 'go to' list for tech type issues.
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  10. Did you get it running ? I see it has an option to txt you if you go over a pre determined speed :rolleyes: guessing you would disable that one !!!!
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  11. If you set the speed reminder at 300kph I would not mind getting a txt showing I did that....... Just saying.
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  12. #12 Andrew West, May 19, 2016
    Last edited: May 19, 2016
    What if it was a friend you lent your bike to for a leisurely Sunday trip, Hmmmmm yes I guess I'd wanna know. What would really rub salt into the wound is if the GPS coordinates were from SMSP !!!!!!!
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  13. chilliman64chilliman64 - can I borrow your bike for a leisurely ride the 5th June? Might take the whole day.......
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  14. no I gave up yesterday after I sent an 'activation' email. still waiting to see if it has worked.

    I will contact the local distributor today. I spoke to one of their techs yesterday he was excellent. he said that if I couldn't get it sorted he would do it for me so will be taking him up on that offer.

    I'm not setting up the speed option.
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  15. If the instructions are for the unit in question I would be asking for a refund as it states: "4G SIM cards are acceptable to use with this device however the unit only operates on a 2G band"

    *** The 2G band is being shut down in Australia. *** Telstra turns off Dec. 2016 and Optus in April 2017. Not sure what Vodafone is doing.
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  16. Yeah, lots of them seem to have this issue now. That's the problem with advancement though. Eventually something is obsolete. New ones must be coming out soon??
  17. You can get 3G units but they aren't selling cheap like the end of life 2G ones....
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