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VIC Resourceful VicPol again - WTF x 2

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Garido, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Was traveling on Eastlink this morning to turn onto the Monash coming from the South when I noticed a police car having pulled over a driver on the right side of the road. That was my first WTF?!

    The second WTF was in regards to the type of unmarked police car. It was a ute fully fitted with steel tool boxes in the tray. Looked just like a workman's car. Wouldn't have thought twice about overtaking it while being over the limit.

    So watch out friends!

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  2. crafty bastards
  3. I've seen HWP waiting with laser gun pointing down on ramp to catch kitten killers who speed past merging traffic...
  4. THe ute been around for a while or 1 of the poo poo covert cars.
  5. Used to happen all the time on the Ring Rd, predominantly in the northern suburbs (Metropolitan Ring Rd...Sydney Rd/Edgars Rd on ramps).

    Doesn't happen as often now due to road works.
  6. Yep. It could be one of two things, they were called to car which was already stopped there, or just as likely, when they signalled for the driver to pull over, the driver decided to stop in the right.
  7. I'd bet the latter. All thoughts of stopping where it's safe to do is lost when they see disco lights ](*,)

  8. When I was living in Melbourne in the early 80's I saw a turbocharged Nissan 200B with a stick on flashing light chasing a Chevy Impala along Alexandra Avenue. They're crafty bastards.
  9. Perhaps the driver was overtaking the ute when the cop turned the sirens on. And he pulled over to the right coz it was closer?

    Still, at least every single problem in the entire world has been solved if the police have time to do stuff like this, right?
  10. That would be a sweet chase to see. sounds like something from the movies.
  11. They use hire cars quite often. Seen some nice metal being used at times - Mercedes SL, M3...
  12. Back in the late sixties the cops in the Batemans Bay area had a Mini Cooper S with surfboards on as an unmarked car.

    You could pick it pretty easily though - the boards were actually held on by bolts going right through them... :)

    At one stage in the seventies they kept their unmarked cars (mostly used by CI8) behind the North Melbourne Police station. They had a couple of BMWs and Volvos.
  13. And in the 60's Vicpol had a coupla Studebaker Lark V8s, that used to get taken to various tracks and raced on the weekends. Driver training :)
  14. I'd say they mainly use it for enforcing speed limits on construction zones, great camoflage. Crafty buggers, next they will have beaten up vans with tinted windows to enforce school zones.
  15. They keep their unmarked surveillance vehicles at a different station in the city now. I've gotta say after seeing the vehicles and the people they put in them and how they dress, I'd never ever have picked up them as police. They aren't Q cars though - they still appear to be the usual suspects.

    Justus is right. People shit themselves when they see the lights go on and pull up in all sorts of stupid locations. I was in the car with a mate once, lights and sirens go on and he just pulls over there on the spot, blocking the driveway to westfield parramatta. Boggles the mind.
  16. By the way, make and colour of the ute might be useful :)
  17. Re the Monash there is a cop bike riding from pakenham to the city 50ks down the monash Monday to Friday 7am to 8am every morning for the past 2 weeks ... FYI
  18. Cue the benny hill theme music