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Resolute Kevlar Cargo Zip-Offs - new range

Discussion in 'Pants' at netrider.net.au started by NSSherlock, Nov 27, 2013.

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    This is an interim review since these pants only arrived today.
    I've only been on 1 ride of about 40 km with them on so far and will add more later.

    The pants are similar to http://www.resolutejeans.com/motorcycle-shop/mens-kevlar-zipoffs.html but are in black. They are a new range. I don't know if there are any other changes with this range.
    They are soon to be released.

    My reasons for wanting them:
    1. I've lost weight. I needed new jeans. My Cordura ones (even though they are vented) are way too hot. I needed a second pair for summer to go along with my regular kevlar jeans.
    2. I liked the idea of the zip-offs. I live in a coastal area. I like to head off to the each even if it's just for a stroll. I thought they might be handy even just heading out for lunch or to a market or whatever.
    3. Extra pockets. yeah, can be a bonus. I don't carry anything in pockets when riding. off the bike is a different story.
    4. I liked the look of the older grey ones in the link.

    Initial impressions:
    1. Size and Fit: Great fit. Possibly just a little tight but I reckon they will loosen up a bit. I went for 34. I was 36-38 and everything I wear in 34 now is "comfortably loose" (no pinching with a bit of slack). These are lower fitting than all the regular kevlar jeans iIve had. I get the top of the grundy thing happening.
    They are "form fitting" around the butt and loose fit in the lower leg. I can get them over my touring boots if I wish.
    2. Quality seems great. Stitching, zippers, "button", all solid and even. Seem to be made with attention to quality. Front zip goes down a long way which is handy for some ;) These are "solid" jeans/cargos in all respects so far.
    These are Twill Cotton. they aren't lighweight like some general cargos.
    3. Kevlar coverage. More than many on the market. The link above should show the coverage areas. The kevlar is lined and totally comfortable on the skin.
    4. Look: These are "dressy" in black - both as a short and as a jean. I reckon you could get away with wearing them to work as either if allowed. Having that extra front pocket and being a cargo doesn't detract from them being "dressy". Kind of look a bit too dressy to head off to the beach in.
    5. Zip-off: easy as and instant cool. Have them still on now. Zip is solid. No kevlar below the knee.
    R has the zip puller thingo on the shorts bit while left has it on the removable leg bit so you can tell which goes where. Zipping back on was just a little fiddly at first but should end up a breeze.
    these don't look like jeans that have been turned into shorts. They look like (longish) shorts with the bottom leg zipped off and like jeans with them on.
    6. Pockets: Reasonable. I don't think you'd get gloved fingers into the regular pockets (haven't tried yet). Might get them into the 2 front "cargo" pockets and those are attached by velcro. I think the other pockets should be fairly secure.
    6. Comfort: as above. Comfortable both on and off the Bike. A little stiff at first. Loosened up after wearing the shorts all afternoon.
    7. Armour: Knee and hip armour supplied. it's foam. I haven't tried it yet. I usually wear RS Taich Stealth knee guards under jeans and don't think there will be an issue. Hip armour I might try but rarely wear it (only in my Cordura pants). I wouldn't rely on the armour.
    8. Logo: The logo is nowhere near as big as in the image in the above link. It's now at the top of the back right pocket and smaller.
    9. Service: Service was great. They emailed me to say the old range had been discontinued and offered a refund or to send a pair of this new range. Tracking number was provided. Sent by Express Post. I ordered through their web site and not through their ebay store. They are cheaper that way. I admit when I checked the ebay store I saw some -ve comments about their service and was a bit cautious. Was all good for me and can recommend.
    10. Cost: Not cheap. $169.95 includes Express Post Australia wide. $10 dearer than their regular cargo line. I'd call it mid-range considering the cost of some jeans. Good value I think.

    1. Possibly the armour but what do you expect.
    2. Colour. Only colour when writing this is black. Might be a -ve for some but having bought these I can think of other places i can wear them because they do look"dressy".
    If your legs are mega white they will really show. get some sun!
    3. They do feel a little hot right now sitting here typing. It's a very warm day. They are far from being "light".
    4. The zip-off. Ok, I know it's a potential weak spot. Your choice. Zip seems strong and solid.

    Option: I'd consider their regular cargos if I hadn't wanted the zip-off ability. They should be the same cut and quality (without knowing for sure). Their black cargo might be a good work choice. I'd wear these to a funeral.

    Impressions so far: Impressed. I like them. With just the shorts on at home I'll welcome getting into something a bit lighter though - warm day.

    Any questions fire away.
  2. Cooler than the vented textiles?

    I need some new pants as mine have no armour.

  3. It's hard to compare because some textiles might be cooler than others.
    Cooler than my Cordura, vented ones - yes. Those are sweatbags even with the vents open and I stop and can soak in heat.

    These are about as "hot" as a heavier jean. Not like a lightweight, regular cargo. They are twill cotton something like a lighter (but not too light) overall.

    I wouldn't rely on the armour in these. It's just light foam. Sure it has the inserts you might be able to fit other armour to but there are also other options for armour (knee pads, undershorts with armour etc).
  4. Nice one. :)
  5. under shorts with armour? I need some of these but not for the bike
  6. Chastity Belt?
  7. nah foot deflecter