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Resizing gif images

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Caz V1, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. I've got a new gif I stole of a mate on another forum, and I want to use it as my avatar, buts its a little bit too big.
    I've tried an online resizing site, but it came back with some crappy error.
    Can anyone help me make it smaller?

  2. Open it in paint.
    The size to what you want.
  3. nope, didn't work.
    I tried it, all I ended up with is a single frame image :(
  4. not my day today :(
    I upload the gif, select resize, nothing happens, nowhere for me to enter the new parameters :?
  5. email it to me hunny. I fix for you :)
  6. I'll PM it instead, I never know which email to use, you got so many :wink:
  7. If it's animated it will need to be taken apart.
  8. +1
    Gif Animator is what I use ..
  9. Animated gifs? Unless its got bouncy boobies it sucks!
  10. Aaahhhhh, ya ning nong.....
    you got it down from 100x100 pixels down to 90x90, excellent,
    but now the file has gone from 24.8kb up to 57.7kb :?
    needs to be 10kb or under
  11. Got a link to it Caz?

    I can resize gifs, chop & extend frames, save in various qualities/file sizes etc.
  12. Stick in a bonus frame ktoolioo, with some tits.
  13. haha, the 90x90 is ok, but it breaks my heart to reduce the quality for the file-size restriction :p


    You have a PM with a few options, Caz :)
  14. hahahaha, actually, I might use this one :LOL:
  15. Won't work, it's 46k... you could have the still-shot of the boobs though :idea:
  16. hm... bike riding on the wrong side of the road... then BAM! airbags?