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Resisting Tempation

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, May 16, 2007.

  1. When I pull up at the University of Queensland bike parking area early in the morning, there are often hardly any bikes there. It's a long strip of very smooth concrete. Cuvy knows the area I mean.

    I'm often tempted, rather than riding along, swinging the front out then backing the bike until the back wheel is near the wall, to just hit the back brake and slide the back around 90 degrees and stop neatly.

    Of course, with a reasonably meaty and sporty back tyre, by far the most probable outcome if I ever gave in to the temptation is a rather spectacular highside, with potential for damage to the bike and me. And yet...

    Got any similar specific temptations that you *must* resist?
  2. There was a particular corridor leading to the boardroom at an old workplace of mine that I had an inexplicable urge to cartwheel down.

    Funny thing is, I had never done a cartwheel in my life.

    So I learned, out in the back yard, flailing about until I could do a passable cartwheel. It took me weeks. Finally, convinced I had the skillz, I marched into work and when I was sure nobody was looking, I busted a mean cartwheel down that corridor, in my business suit and all.

    It wasn't nearly as cool as I thought it would be, in fact I felt like a f*cking idiot. I took that as a lesson in life - to choose one's ambitions carefully.
  3. LOL @ loz. thats gold.

    I once flogged the janitors keys at high school and opened every door I ever wanted to get into at school that night with a mate. It turned out to be really uninteresting as far as adventures go, so we pulled the fire alarm, tossed the keys in the river and bailed.

    man I hated that school (and they hated me). :LOL:

    I guess i didn't really resist did I? doh.
  4. I had a mate at uni that lived in a beachfront apartment, on the 24th floor.
    The apartment had a massive balcony with glass sides, and was a favourite place for many to have a drink or 10.

    Now, I've lived in high rises (both before and since) but this was the ONLY place where I ever thought of jumping! :shock:

    Suicidal tendencies, you ask? NOPE. Still, every time I visited that apartment, I had the urge to take a running swan-dive into the sand/sea.

    Crazy as this sounds, I wasn't the only one coping with said temptation. The place had this effect on a number of people, for no apparent reason.

    That's one temptation I'm happy to have resisted :grin:
  5. As the great old bender once said....."DO A FLIP!!"
  6. I gave into the tempation of trying to get the Blackbird up on the rear wheel...Had quite a few "plays", to varying levels of failure :shock: (altho I had no trouble getting the front wheel up - balancing was a whole different ball-game)
    After looking like a complete tosser and very uncool over a few months I decided it was better to ride normally, and just "look" like I could do a cool mono, instead. :oops: :p
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. well I think the fact that I ride a motorcycle suggests I have already surrendered and given in to the darkside!

    So I therefore there isnt anything i shouldnt do... I should enjoy the throttle and live...

    enjoy it to the full...
  8. *sigh*

    That is all :LOL:
  9. l.... :wink:
  10. :?

    I'd like to know what came before that. :grin:
  11. Im always tempted to punch emos but I havent....YET
  12. LOL - It's there because I AM resisting, not cuz I didn't :p :LOL:
  13. Like I told you John... FWIW my assistance is only a PM away, whichever wheel you want to be hoisting! :grin:
  14. When I was younger, like when I first got licence younger, every piece of green relatively flat grass was scoped for it relative sideways potential in our cars and bikes.
    I always had this fantasy years ago of riding my trailbike around what looked the the best enduro track a trailbike ride could hope for :grin: complete with jumps and lovely cambered vista's to pull 4th gear 50kmh power slides, sand traps and bunkers to get airbourne off :dance: and 9 or 18 tracks to choose from :LOL: Burning round the local golf coarse.
    Then I found out obout the local trailbike cops :cry:

    So I had to settle for thrashing my car around the local paddocks :grin: and a friends backyard in Yarra Junction. He said his lady was whinging for ages for him to cut the grass in the back yard of their acre lot. I said"I can take care of that for you" :grin:
    He then proceeded to smoke more cones and play more playstation. I spent better part of next half hour tearing his backyard a new one in my ute :driver: god that was fun, not a blade of grass left. -had to be there
  15. I have a rather cheeky, playful nature....
    every time I am waiting at the deli counter in the supermarket and everyone standing there is so irritated and stoney-faced I have an urge to yell when they call my number!
    You know that lotto add where the woman screams out "16!!!! 16!!!!! Whoo-hoo!!!" Maybe even "BINGO!" would suffice....
    stupid I know but everyone is so serious and that add just pops into my head! :LOL:
  16. At my local supermarket(which i guess is like most others) the toilet paper section is down the end of one of the many isles. Whenever they have a sale on any particular brand they put a massive stack of it about 2m square and 1.5m high in the middle of the isle. Every time this happens I cant help but think how cool it would be to replicate a speccy on it with a tin of tomatoes whilst shouting "Jesaulenko, you beauty!!!". Or just barrel into it after sprinting from the other end of the isle. Ahhh, small things amuse small minds I guess.

    But getting back to bikes which from memory was what the original post was about in the first place, theres always the temptation when I come home from uni to pi55 off up the spur for the rest of the day. But I know i've got tonnes of work to do............. usually end up doing it anyway :LOL: :(
  17. temptation has blue eyes and long brown hair............................
  18. For me it's big red buttons which say "do not press" and the bigger it is the greater the temptation. Few years ago I worked in a huge server room for a major bank. It had 3 exits, Each exit had a big red button (around 10cm diameter) and it was about 180cm high off the floor. Which is exactly my eye level. On the button it said "Only use in case of emergency" and below there was a note "cuts off power to the server room".

    Every time I went past it I had sweat running down my back, but the consequences of shutting down the whole bank for a whole day kept me from pressing it.
  19. Heyyyy I do that! "WOOHOO! BINGO!"

    50% of the deli chicks have a giggle, the other 50% roll their eyes. Other customers are pretty much uniformly unimpressed. Still, that's good enough odds for me! :grin: