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Resident expert on paddock stands?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by resurrection, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. I've just picked up a paddock stand off Ebay to use on my GSXR 1000.

    My question is this _ If I attempt to get the bike on the stand by myself, is it going to end in tears?

    The stand only has the swing arm type brackets, but if you think it can be done solo, perhaps a little tuition on technique? :grin:

  2. My bike has spools/brackets type paddock stands. I position the stand so it's off centre so when the bike is pushed up straight from a combination of me standing at the back wheel on the right hand side + pushing the stand down so the braces lift the bike at the spools. This manages to lift the bike up on the stand using one person and so far hasn't ended in tears. Best to have a second person at the start when you are learning the best way to do this to hold the bike in case you do a mistake or three. You will be able to put the bike up on a rear paddock stand by yourself fairly easy, at least it works with my bike using rear spools. Good luck!
  3. my son just bought a stand for his R1, when I asked him if it was any good, his reply was, "yeah great one man operation no worries"

    not sure on the gixxer but you may find you will need to buy the spools, they come with an allen screw and on the R1 they screw straight into the existing holes on the frame.
  4. The good news is that it's actually a piece of cake.
    I found that placing the stand in approx position, then standing on the right side of bike so you have front brake control is the start point.
    Then pull bike toward you checking the alignment of stand on swingarm, then
    holding on with left hand to pillion peg, stretch left leg out and push down on back of stand - viola! :)

    However, getting it back off the stand is not so squeezy :(

    The answer? Tie a rope around back end of the stand, run it over your shoulder (clear of bike bits like indicators etc) and while sitting on your bike (move back in the seat - if you're a guy, you'll find out why :LOL: ) and pull on rope* - Hey, it worked for me.

    no responsibility accepted for misshaps
  5. neat hint! be sure to use that myself as i'm buying a stand very shortly!
  6. ??? Why are we complicating a very simple process ???

    I position my stand under the left side of the swingarm, push it downwards with no hand on the bike, the bike lifts and tilts over to the right and contacts the right pad for the stand, then push through to the floor; a 5 year-old could do it.

    Dismounting, I hang onto the rack, lift the stand while the bile stays in the same position, settle the bike on the sidestand, put the stand over the other side of the garage.......
  7. Getting the bike on the stand is made easier if you lock the forks or cups (of the stand) in the correct width before you start.
    To get it off the stand, hold the bars with two hands. Put one foot in front of the wheel of the stand and push the bike forward. It will just drop straight off.
  8. Ian, I reckon you probably have the highest percentage of useful posts in netrider! Another one. Taa.
  9. Yep, a very easy process, just get someone to stand by while you try it a couple of times until you are comfortable with the process. I made my own stand and it's definitely a one man job getting it on and off.

    Ian, I have never needed to do it that way but I am going to try it that way next time for sure :wink: .