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Reserve tank

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Gunnitt, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Hey,

    I've just brought a ZXR250, and have never swithched it to reserve.

    Just a couple of noob questions:

    the reserve is a separate tank right? :p

    also how do u fill the reserve tank? through the normal tank but set on reserve right? :oops:

    and how many KMs does it last for?

    Please dun FLAME me for NOOB questions :grin:
  2. i will answer this to the best of my knowlegde (pls correct me anyone if i am wrong).

    they are the same tank but it is a like a seperate pipe that sucks all the petrol out from the very bottom of the tank and then uses the petrol that is in the pipe making everything petrol free.

    to fill up te reserve tank just fill up bike as normal and it is the same thing

    you should never have to worry about reserve because as long as you fill up when u need to. should have no worries.

    they last for different amounts depending on the bike.
  3. Niall's explanation is fairly spot on, except that I'd go a bit further.

    The fuel tap has two inlets. One is about an 30mm or so above the bottom of the tank. The other takes fuel from the bottom. The "main" tank or selector on the fuel tap takes fuel from the 30mm pipe. Reserve is from the bottom.

    It's a good warning system, and if you're familiar with the characteristics of your bike you can work out fairly good how far you got to go til empty when you hit reserve.

    On bikes with EFI and fuel pumps, they usually don't have fuel taps at all. So, you're relying on electronics and a fuel gauge that can be as erroneous as any other instrument.
  4. My bike is EFI, and has no tap :) But (so far, it is only new) I have found the guage to be accurate as to when it switches on "reserve mode". Still has two inlets, however the guage flashes, and the trip meter counts the distance from when it went onto reserve.

    Always remember to switch the reserve tap back to main once you fill, because the next time it coughs and you go for the tap, you will be out of fuel if you forget :)
  5. oh ok..... yeah i can visualise how the system works.

    so basically its a warning system so dat u don't get stuck in the middle of nowhere or the middle of the road.

    has any ever been riding and the fuel from the "main valve" or main tank ran out of petrol?

    how does the bike stop? does it start choking and die out or does somefing else happen?

    can this cause damage to the engine while i'm at cruizing speed (lets say 8000rpms on an 18000rpm redline bike)

    thank guyz :)
  6. The bike will feel as though youv'e lost power (not good thru' a corner!!) and you have about 10 seconds, depending on the bike, to reach down and switch to reserve "level" before complete stop of engine.

    My worst experience was i had just upgraded from a 250 virago to a 750 honda and was riding home through the harbour tunnel at about 8.00pm on a friday night and it started to cough on the way into tunnel. NO TURNING BACK NOW!!! :shock:

    Didn't dwell on me that I could be running out of petrol and just thought my 2 day old bike was breaking down!! The Virago would go for 250k's so it didn't enter my mind.

    I came to a complete stop in the very centre of the tunnel and got off on the left ahnd side sh#tting myself. The cars blasted past me right next to my bars and I thought for sure I was going to die.

    Pushed it (with brown undies) for about 100m before the little light in the brain switched on about the feul. :idea:

    onto reserve and a couple of kicks and away I go.

    I am so glad the harbour tunnel rescue team didn't get to me because there is hefty fines for running out of feul in the tunnel or bridge.

    I now watch the odometer very closely and fill up whenever I approach 200k's( even though I can get to about 230k's before reserve.)

    Never again.

    Still sh#tting myself here in the chair just writing about it :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. by the way, I was told to leave the tap turned to tank FULL TIME to keep the carbies from "drying out" (only if you use the bike a lot I suppose!)
  8. thank for ur reply jeff, great help.

    i would be sh**ting myself too if i was in ur situation.

    and i'll make sure that i don't have to use the reserve.