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Reserve tank chicken

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smileedude, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Post your scores and bike. Running out of fuel doesn't count unless your feet don't touch the ground before you get to the bowser.

    (There is some point to this, its kind of useful to know how far your bike goes.)

    My lowly score is 35kms on a 2007 er6n.
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  2. is that on a full tank mate?
  3. Not being one to have a panic attack the moment the bike goes onto reserve (light flashing), I managed to get 60km out of 2006 SV650. Still more to go no doubt.
  4. From the light coming on and staying on.
  5. i once got 36 out of an ahone from full
  6. I once conked out a few feet short of a bowser ... I had to paddle the bike up to the pump :ROFLMAO: I can't remember exactly how far I went on the reserve but it might have been around 80ks ... Kwaka 750ltd '85.
  7. I got 60km on the way back from Wollombi on Sunday - elected to chicken out and fill up at Asquith.
  8. i put my bike on reserve in alice springs once but some bastard had stolen it
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  9. Put anything in Alice Springs for any length of time and some bastard will steal it.
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  10. rolled into alice springs on the black dog ride 12 months ago and had forgotten to flick the tap back to normal. Pulled into the servo, popped the cap and couldn't see any fuel at all... flat bottomed tank, too. Must have been on fumes. No fuel gauge on the GS500 after all. Got 220km to that tank. full throttle for two hours with my fat arse on a learner bike doesn't equate to speed OR distance.
  11. So you were doin' 110? You kitten killer. And surely you must have only half filled the tank?
  12. I know I can get a comfortable 40 km out of the DR under any riding conditions on the road. I think there's 50-60 in there.
  13. I started to conk out on the way to Tamworth one day but I was just at the top of the Moonbis. I too had forgotten to return the tap to main tank so I quickly turned it off and selected neutral and coasted all the way into Moonbi. On the way down I rocked the bike from side to side to get any fuel into the area of the tap and it started and ran just long enough to get me to the servo just before the little bridge...Phew. But I have no idea of the distance on reserve...Sorry...
  14. When I picked up my XVS1100 two months ago, the guy I bought it from told me he'd only just flipped to reserve the day before and there should be 70kms on reserve. It's night and I head from Minto, the Hume, the take M7 to the Hills District. I'm watching the kms flick over thinking ahead to where a servo would be as I clock up 50kms, then 55. I figure out the servo I'm aiming for (Merindah Rd/Seven Hills Rd intersection). The bike starts to cough and splutter, and finally cuts out 50m from the servo. It's downhill and the traffic lights stay green, as I roll down the hill and pull up at the bowser. 60kms on my watch, probably 5-10 on his.
  15. Wouldn't go over 140 absolute max :-(
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    Awesome thread idea!

    VTR1000F: Reliably gets 200km to reserve on the piddly 16L tank. Once pushed to 240km... bout as far as I'd be willing to go!

    GS850G: Only flicked it onto reserve once as its got a gauge then hits reserve, gets 5L/100km and has a 23L tank!

    XR600R: 23L Dakar tank and a freeway cruise plus twisties madness saw me switch to reserve at 350-ish km. I got to 450km before I filled up... had to switch to choke circuit to make it to the servo but only sputtered, didn't conk out.

    Cheers - boingk
  17. Have managed 220km before stopping at the bowser. Fuel tank is 12L and filled up 12.5L. Some people supposedly managed to squeeze 13.5L from empty so I wasn't far off. Current fuel economy averaging 5.5L/100km.

    Closest to have run out on the road would have been my climb up the Westgate Bridge (inbound). Thought I'd had 20km left of fuel...I was wrong and on the uphill climb it spluttered and stopped about 3/4 up. Pulled clutch in and managed to coast over the crest for the down hill run and straight into the servo. I was lucky the servo turning light was green, or else I would have had to push it in.
  18. I normally get about 30km out of reserve, because i normally start to run low around 220km depending on riding style and i have run out at around 240/250 i think two times now...

    pretty thirsty for a 400, im not entirely sure how big the tank is, i think around 20L incl reserve, but it could be less.

    My car is pretty epic, i can get 130 on the light mixed urban driving, pretty good but it still drinks fuel, just a big tank and a big reserve, impreza subi.
  19. i reckon i could fit about 3-4 chickens in my tank....dunno how well they'd be afterwards so not sure if it's really a good chicken reserve....then there's the problem of getting the chickens in there in the first place...perhaps break them down after they've been cooked...might be able to get a 5th one in there.
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  20. Yeah but how many ducks do you fit in the quacka?
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