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reserve not like it used to be

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Caz V1, May 7, 2007.

  1. ok, as the title states....
    when I first got my bike I used to get at least 15kms when I switched it over to reserve,(might of been more but I never had to go further to find a servo)
    now, 40,000+ kms later I only get 1 to 2 kms once I switch over...if that.
    What could be wrong?

    Fuel consumption is still the same, 30km per litre.

  2. Did you omit a zero, somewhere?
  3. No.....
    I am referring to how many kms I can ride once I have switched over to reserve... I get about 270 kms before I need to switch over, but now I can only go a further 1-2 kms where as before I could ride at least 15kms on reserve.
  4. That seems very wrong to me. You should be getting a lot more than 15km too - 40km is reasonable, some bikes hold enough for 100km on reserve.

    Tank gummed up? Switch rooted? Fill the tank and ride it around on reserve for a bit, does that conk out too?
  5. It may well have gotten more than 15km but Ive never tested it further than that.
    But when I ran out of fuel the other day, switched it over and then went round a corner and up the rd a bit,,,, putt putt, cough splutter, brrrrrrr, nothing. Did the damsel in distress thing, rang my bro to come to my rescue with the lawn mover fuel can. Started fine and has been going ok since(1000kms) I'll try the switch it over and ride around for a bit thing... I'll get back to you about it :)
  6. Caz, some questions for you just to clarify:

    Have you always got roughly the same distance out of your tank to reserve?

    Has the distance changed?

    HOW many litres of fuel do you put in when you fill up after hitting reserve?

    :-k ...more questions to follow based on the answers.
  7. funny you should ask.... I've been sitting here trying to work this out like a maths problem.....

    1.I have a 9.5 ltr tank.
    2.I get roughly 30km per litre.
    3.I only ever had to use reserve on one occasion when I first got the bike
    (during the first week) until the other day, and I got about another 1-2 kms up the rd before it dies completely
    4.each time I fill up, at around the 270km mark, it takes about 9 ltrs to fill.
    (I have been of the belief I had .5 ltr reserve)

    Now I'm thinking my reserve doesn't work at all, cos if it did it would kick in way before 270km.
  8. Something sounds very wrong if you're only getting 2 km's from your reserve!

    You sure you're not running on reserve all the time and then switching to 'on' when it gives a slight cough as it uses ALL the fuel up??

    Most bikes will run for a couple of kilometres with just the fuel in the carb bowls...
  9. I am sure, I checked this too when I first thought something was amiss.
    since asking myself/answering all the questions....
    I reckon the switch/tap is buggered.
  10. ...BING BING BING BING BING BING BING. We have a winner!!

    Looks like, for all practical purposes, you don't have a reserve.

    Other viragos I've known have about a 2 litre reserve. They fill up 7 - 8 litres after hitting reserve and they went about 200kms before hitting reserve.

    It sounds like that stand pipes inside your tank may be cracked or disconnected or your fuel tap valve is messed up and you're effectively using reserve all the time.

    Just make sure you reset the trip meter to zero every refill and you'll know where you stand.


  11. :LOL: do I get a gold star, or maybe an elephant stamp!

    yeah, I reset the trip meter everytime I fill up, but now I'll be filling up sooner rather than later since realising I am almost at the pushing stage if I let it get to 270 like I have been.
  12. Either that or the reserve part of the tap is blocked up with gunk and is only letting enough fuel through to cause the engine to starve and give the appearance of being blocked or whatever.

    being at the bottom of the tank it stands to reason that it is more susceptible to collecting debris, either rust, dirt or whatever than the main tap pipe which sits higher up in the tank.

    Further, if the standpipe thingy was cracked and Caz's running on reserve all the time, then switching over when the engine runs out of fuel won't do anything as the tank will already be empty.

    One test - turn off fuel tap (if it's turnoffable). Disconnect hose. Connect temp hose to tap. Run it into a fuel can. Then switch between main and reserve. Observe fuel flow. Both should be about the same.

    If can's big enough, drain tank. When it gets to reserve level it should stop flowing. Switch to reserve. Watch what comes out.
  13. I so thought this was going to be a topic about 'How when Carole was a little girl'....I had my rose tinted specs all ready. Disappointed now.
  14. :LOL: :LOL:

    Purple glasses like G's are much better, and they match my jacket too :p
  15. Yes I would go with the fuel tap clogged with sh*te option Caz. Old XJ900,s used to have chronic rust out problems in the bottom of the tank. Sludge from your fuel, rust from your tank and blood n guts n grease of the rod will accumulate along the bottom of the tank, as its generally heavier than petroleum, it will sink to the bottom, clogging(not the dutch shoe kind either) the tap,s filter. Sometimes you can see them(fuel filter) as its incorporated with the tap assembly. If you run the bike pretty low on juice and shine a torch in the tank you may be able to see the filter and see if its gummed up with crud.