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Resellers for motorcycle dolly

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by mark59, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Up front, no, I'm not talking about my Barbie and her pink scooter (that's private).


    I am talking about a trolley on casters that you roll your bike up onto so you can rotate it 180 degrees and then ride out of your garage without the need for the 8 point turn. My driveway is steep and slippery in winter so I am not going to risk any reversing out. I'd rather use my flat concrete floor and simply rotate and ride out the way nature intended - forwards!


    There are lots of examples for sale in the USA. Here is an example affectionately known as the Pit Viper.

    Does anyone know of a reseller of these type of motorcycle dollys in Australia? Alternatively, does anyone know of an engineering firm that has made one?

    There are plenty of details and specifications on the web so I'd guess it would be easy to make one up from parts if you had access to the metal sections.

    If I import one it'll probably cost more than my SV650!


  2. Search motorcycle lift stand on fleabay and look for 'like bursig', they go for about $280/290 delivered.

    A guy here in Turramurra North of Sydney sells them - decent bit of kit, he's sold 30 or so apparently. I've met him, well into bikes and a nice fella too. username 4enduro

  3. As a bonus it is free, and doesn't take up space in the garage.

    I do this with my VFR which is a lot heavier than an R6.
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  4. Many thanks to all of you for such prompt and constructive suggestions. Really very much appreciated.

    I checked out all the options and as I am in need of a rear stand in any case, I reckon the Kaneg is the perfect solution! Plus they include as set of spools and a set of right angled tyre valves as a bonus. I spoke to the company this arvo and will be placing an order for sure.


    I have to admit that spinning on the side stand is a truly elegant bit of moto-acrobatics! I do that with my scooter but I am afraid that I'm not quite as tall or heavy as the guy in the video and that when fully tanked the SV weighs in at 198kg. The chance of me ending up with the thing in my lap is a damn certainty! I really don't know how you handle the VFR1200 but it must be a treat to watch! All credit to you.

    Thanks so much for all your advice!


  5. It's a very handy trick for if you ever really fcuk up and park your bike in nose first on a step incline.
  6. Yes, I can see its a seriously useful skill. I'm happy to practice on your VFR while you ring ahead for the ambulance! :)
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  7. When I had my sv I would spin it on the stand. Not overly risky to learn because unless you are a complete numpty the bike just drops back on the wheels if you stuff the spin.
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    I've tracked down a video of the same wheeled rear stand that Kaneg re-sells.

    Assembly is easy - basically taking their static rear stand and adding it to the 3 caster mobile frame minus the wheels.

    Kaneg throws in two spools and right angle tyre valves for good measure!

    Just got to master the process of getting safely up and down now! Plenty of good videos on You Tube that demo this for a new user. Here is great one from London Bikers.


  9. Numpty is my middle name!
  10. At least he's honest ;)
  11. Exactly the same method I use.

    People really need to learn how to 'wrangle' a bike.
    If you're afraid of dropping one - you will.....
  12. Beware of trying that trick with certain bikes that have the sidestand attached to thin alloy cases. Have been known to crack on older Ducatis for example.
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  13. Try doing that with either of my BMW's... I have done it with my bird, but it ain't gonna happen with 300kg+bikes. Not without ripping the side stand off
  14. And blowing your poopa-valve.
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  15. I made on for my 340kg plus Roadliner. Works great but just one of those things I made just to see if I could. Son's car never goes in the garage so more space for me and one unused mover. If any one wants it you will have to pick it up and it'll cost you $100.00. Materials alone cost that. Pm for details. Cheers
  16. ^^ post a picture up so i can see it bud ^^
  17. If it works for my BMW's (faired bikes not cruisers) and you are in or near Sydney, I'll take it!
  18. Hey, appols for the delay. I am on the Gold Coast which is a shame but yes it will work for any bike.