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Research on Corporate Clothing

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. Hey there,

    I'm doing some research at the moment in a few different places regarding corporate clothing.

    I'm very interested in guy's and if they wear ties, or just a button up shirt, and what they'd like to wear.

    Also, girls who reply to this - basically just want to know if you like wearing corporate clothes for work, or if it's more so a necessity.

    My question specifically: guys - do you wear a tie to work, just for meetings, or not at all? do you wear the whole outfit like shoes, pants and button up shirt, jacket? or do you wear jeans? (we're not including casual fridays) and do you enjoy wearing corporate, or do you find it a burden / detest it? is it mandatory?

    girls - do you wear heels, stockings, skirt or pants suit, button up / fancy top? or do you wear whatever you can get away with, like a nice top, some slacks and casual shoes? and do you LIKE wearing corporate clothing, or do you find it a burden / detest it? is it mandatory?

    I'd love replies mainly from those who have or do wear corporate clothing but it'd be nice to have replies from people who've never worn corporate clothing and your thoughts.
  2. Suits are nice.

    F*** ties.

  3. I used to do door to door sales and we had to wear business attire. I liked to dress nice with the whole suit+tie+swanky shoes, made me feel good n i racked up a good collection of ties. Loved buyin news suits.

    I since have worked in 3 different call centres. 1 was casual clothes and i loved that. The second was business attire, noone wore ties cept the higher up managers and a couple of brown nosers. The 3rd one i just wore polos with the company logo or slacks with shirt/no tie.

    Its only fun if u go all out. I prefer casual cause slacks n swanky shoes are generally not as comfy.
  4. I hate wearing a suit and tie, i wear a polo shirt with the company logo on it, as well as black work pants and shoes.
    I wear a business shirt probably 2 days a week (as i only have 2 polo shirts). I wear a suit if i have something important to do, wear a tie maybe twice a year!
    I work for a asx200 company so definently fit the corporate mould

    Am i being paid for the market research i have provided!
  5. See avatar above

  6. I've been in both situations - personally I found wearing a suit, tie, nice shoes assisted in my being more confident and professional in my job. Have to say I enjoyed wearing the nice clothes.

    Even now if I'm going to deal with a professional person I'll suit up just for the added confidence I feel from it.
  7. Do you wear a tie sneakily under that jacket jester? :p

    And nah, no payment. Just a whole lotta love ;)
  8. Shoes, reasonable trousers and a button up shirt. Haven't worn a tie for anything other than interviews in 10 years. As expressed on another thread, engineers, as a species, aren't generally expected to be as shinily scrubbed as other professionals.

    Nonetheless, I loathe having to wear the office gear. I'm happier on site in steelies and grubby work clothes.

    But then, I'm a scruffy, hillbilly bogan at heart.
  9. All the guys at work do the full suit + tie thing, I wear skirt/stockings or pants and high heels, suit jacket if i'm seeing customer.
    I dont mind office clothes, rather been in jeans though.
  10. Full suit and tie, although the tie is usually in a jacket pocket.

    Nothing worse than a bad suit and shirt, but a good quality, well fitting suit and shirt is not a bad thing to wear - it's comfortable, long lasting, has lots of useful pockets, does a reasonable job of hiding the wobbly bits and helps to create a good first impression when dealing with new people.

    I don't mind dressing for the part, it makes it easy to hang the uniform up in the cupboard and clear the work stuff out of your head.
  11. My secretary loves her Corporate Clothing - one less decision for her to make, it's not that expensive (tax deductible for me) and it ensures professionalism when clients are first met

    I don't wear it, never have, unless you count six years in the Army....
  12. Depends. Normally as I work in a non HQ office (when I have to go into the office in the first place :LOL: ) I will wear nice trousers + business shirt, no tie.

    If I have to go to a different more formal office (especially o/s) or have to attend a more formal type of meeting I will wear the full suit and tie getup.

    Preference is to work from home so it doesnt matter :D but apart from that I tend to agree with the guidelines which match above. Partly this is as (amost) everyone else does. We're conformists but then its a big .. in very big letters .. company, but partly its more of a personal presentation thing, you have to present yourself correctly for the situation.

    It used to be mandatory not just to wear the proper attire but right down to which colours were acceptable 8-[, but these days its more informal.

    Mind you, I have thought that I'd be perfectly OK wearing Draggins/Hornees in on a normal day (with a nice shirt for fashionable contrast :cool: ) .
  13. I like to have a clear distinction between my work clothes and my non-work clothes - it helps me switch off at the end of the week, so I wear shirt and trousers to work, even though I could easily get away with something a little more casual, particularly on days when there are no meetings.
  14. I used to wear a suite, but dont anymore. Dont wear a tie anymore either. Suite comes out only when meeting with corporate clients or trying to broker business deals.

    All our staff have to dress professionally, but this does not include ties.
  15. I wear a t-shirt jeans/cargo pants and sneakers to work. If it's cold I also wear a hoodie. Anyone handing me a tie would most likely find themselves being strangled with it. :)
  16. i like you seany. excellent attitude :D
  17. No tie, but button up shirt, dress pants and formal shoes. As an engineer, wearing a tie can alienate you from people you have to work with, especially union members, but you can't go much less casual as you have to work with their management as well.

    Do I mind? No, not really. Having correctly fitted (tailored in my case) clothes means that they're almost as comfortable as jeans and a t-shirt, and I don't have to worry about what I'm wearing or whether my clothes match.
  18. i dont mind dressing corporate if the job really needs you to e.g. client facing. very expensive though.
  19. I have a suit made of high visibility waterproof/windproof material

    its just the thing to impress backhoe drivers , concreters, other tradesmen etc on the site so they know who is boss