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Resale with new lams releases

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kirks, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Not quite sure if this is the right forum so feel free to move this mods.

    Basically, I am looking at getting back into riding. I only had a 250 for about 4-6 months before my last one was totalled (not at fault) and I am thinking that even though I have my full licence, I would be well served to get a smaller bike anyway while I get my eye in and develop my skills again. And there are some good 250's and what not available for <4k that I can sell on for the same price 6-12 months from now. ( 2011 ninja250's on bikepoint for 3900, old cbr250rr which i had before for 3k etc)

    So, what I was wondering, is with the ninja300 now out, and with the soon to be released cbr500r, how will these other lams bikes, that have held their value so well over the years, go with resale in the future?

    Will the existing 250 ninjas for example, be too hard to sell once the owners of the 300 look at upgrading? How do you guys see it playing out?

    nb. I am not looking for advice as to what kind of bike to buy, I have a few bikes on the radar (some bigger some smaller) and this is just something I am factoring into my decision

  2. LAMS hold their value well. If you wait for the right deal, you should be able to sell at what you purchased for or lose a couple hundred max, especially at the price range you are looking at.

    The Ninja 300s will be in the $5K to $6K range used and you are looking under $4K. The old CBR250RRs are already 12+ years old, and have a totally different engine then what's available now, so those will continue to hold their value.

    The Ninja 250s saturate the market, and that's where pricing will be competitive, so I'd definitely only buy one at a "really good price", if you don't want to lose too much.

    There are always LAMS riders coming to market, and a lot of people only want to spend between $3K to $5K considering it may not be something they stick with.

    I bought a VTR250 and sold it 10 months later and only took a $100 hit.

    Shop for a good deal, and you should be fine.