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Resale Value/Depreciation Euro Vs Jap

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by daewoo, May 7, 2007.

  1. I haven't been around bikes long, but am dreaming of buying a new/near new bike.

    Is there some sort of general rule WRT resale value? Is it able to be divded between Euro and Jap manu, or is it more manufacturer specific? e.g. Toyota higher purchase price, better resale Vs Mitubishi lower purchase price, faster depreciation?

    I am specifically looking at the difference between something like a Honda Transalp and a BMW GS650 Dakar.

    Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. easy way to check actual depreciation values is to have a browse around www.redbook.com.au and have a look at the prices they have for various years. You could look at those two bikes specifically and see how they have depreciated over the past few years.
  3. Some intersting numbers in the redbook...

    Intersting choices. The Transalp is alot of money for what it is. Considering you can get the slightly more road orientated Strom for $9K plus on road and what must be one of the best resale value bikes out there.

    Dakar much more dirt capable, great fuel economy but highest buy in price.

    I'd say a RRP Dakar would hold it's value more than a RRP Transalp - but the Transalp's do drop quite a bit at certain times of the year, so in that case they may be a better buy.

    What sort of riding you looking to do? How much off-road - smooth dirt or fire trails?
  4. resale value isn't about the bike in itself - it is just a reflection of how many people want a particular bike and arn't prepared to look at an alternative if the price is a touch 'high'.

    The GSdakar is no longer made, and for those looking for a fuel injected 650 with ABS and a 21" front wheel, you've only got one choice. The transalp can be substituted for a DR650, an XRL perhaps and a whole host of other things. Not many of them were sold either, which makes many people unaware of the things when they are looking.

    Keep in mind that regardless of what kind of % you might be able to draw between various marques, the cheaper the bike, the less you'll lose. Losing a grand on a three grand bike is still better than losing 2 grand on a 9 grand bike, even though the %'age is better for the more expensive one. You'll also have higher insurance costs to wear as well. Pick the bike for what you want to do with it, not for what you think you can sell it for when you're done. Just don't fall into the trap of paying more than 'market' value for it if you aren't going to keep it for a very long time.