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Resale value choice for LAMS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by DeeTee, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Hello all,

    My Yamaha SRV 250 is a bit tired out and I am looking to get another LAMS bike for the 12months remaining on my P's, I need a reliable bike that I am prepared to buy new or almost new but I would be looking trade up at the end of my P's, Thoughts so far have ranged from the Yamaha XVS650A, The Hyo 650 tourer, or the Suzuki GS500F ,

    any other suggestions or opinions on these would be appreciated. :)

  2. Around 98 is what you want to be looking at in terms of holding resale the best, as they've already done alot of aging. ZZR/gpx/vtr/across/gs500e/etc. I'd get one with 20-25k kms, only do 10k more, then sell it for a very similar price (as long as you spend the money on upkeep)
  3. I can tell you about the yama. Reliable, fast enough, good handeling, chick magnet, shaft drive..

    But im unsure about the resale value. It all depends on you.. I guess you will lose some money just as I have, but personally I cant regret it at all.
  4. The cruiser will be a money pit if you buy it new (as will some others, you will take the biggest loss on a new bike).

    I think GS500 is probably the most popular, and re-sale is pretty good if you buy well when you get it used, a good 03-05 model will return almost all of your money when you re-sell it provided it's not trashed.

    I haven't seen an SR around North Bondi, do you ride it much I am always lurking about there...
  5. get a ducati monster 650 and de- restrict it..............no one would ever know and ya can have heaps more fun in the long run.

    I would've suggested the hyosung 650 and de-restrct that, but you do want resale value :shock: :LOL:
  6. A 2004 GT650's worth about $3,000 resale's pretty pants, but I suppose they can't get much cheaper
  7. thanks for all the suggestions,

    Tweet did you see me the other day riding up past Dover heights (on the flat near the light house?) :oops:
    I didn't see you but the policeman with the Radar certianly did... Thought it was a 70 zone.. I was doing 65... it was a 50 Zone.
    Double points on the 23rd, plus Immediate suspension being on your P's, I feel like such a criminal, I'll see you all back on the road in 3 months at least.

    ahhh! :mad:
  8. If you are refering to OSHR, is it not a 60 zone near Village lower road?