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Resale value by going naked?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Adshed, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, I've lurked on this forum forever but never posted (I'm a bit shy ^_^). But I'd like your advice.

    I have a gs500f I dropped it a while ago which cracked the fairing. Now that I'll be getting a car soon, I want to sell the bike. My question is: will I get a better resale value if I convert the bike in to a naked gs500E (with stock/OEM headlight from the naked version) or rather I sell it as is with the cracked fairing?

    The crack is somewhat conspicuous along with some scratches. Other than cosmetic damage to the fairing, the bike runs great :].

    Thanks for your help guys.
  2. Don't be shy, we don't bite. Well not often anyway. :)

    I am only guessing but people who know the bike will be suspicious if it is stamped as a F model. Most will probably miss it. Cosmetic damage makes people worry it has had a heavier drop than may be the case. I reckon to make it a naked it will get a better price.

    There is another option to replace the fairing. You can either get originals or Chinese Ebay copies.
  3. It's more than a simple headlight swap, see: Modifications: GSF to GSE - Complete! Pictures!

    Plus a vin search would show it's originally an 'f' version.

    I think you;d save more money either
    a) selling it as is or
    b) repairing / replacing the fairing (check wreckers first)
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  4. If you can't repair it, turn it in to a naked. But as others have said anyone who knows about bikes will be suspicious.

    Now to address the elephant in the room. Why does getting a car mean you'll be selling the bike?
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  5. Hi Adshed,

    Nothing wrong with a naked conversion, as people have done it for all different reasons. Saves about 7-8kg weight, which is not a bad thing.

    Where abouts are you located?
    I'm asking, 'cause I might take the damaged fairings off your hands if you're going down the naked path...

    I'm in Melbourne, BTW
  6. I'd probably list it as is, see what the offers are and then decide from there... eBay could help depending on how much is cracked:

    Suzuki GS500F Left Fairing | eBay

    Looks like $200 for one side? How bad is the damage?

    Obviously you can't sell the bike here, now that you have disclosed the damage! Plenty of bikes on bikesales have damaged fairings; I wouldn't buy one however....
  7. I disagree with this, modcon86. Nothing wrong with listing the bike for sale here, providing the asking price reflects the amount of damage.

    Naturally, you are free to have an opinion on this, but I would much rather deal with an upfront seller when replying to an ad, than get a nasty surprise when viewing the bike in person.
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  8. Fair cop! I would rather deal with an upfront seller too.
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  9. Hmm...I'll see how much I can get parts for the naked conversion from the wrecker tomoz and see if it's cheaper than a new fairing. I'm still leaning on converting it since any damage cosmetic or otherwise would be an instant dealbreaker. As for the suspicious buyers, well.... I'm not trying to deceive anyone, if I go through with it I will mention my reasons for taking its clothes off.

    Nah I'm in Sydney, if your still interested though let me know.
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  10. I disagree that a damaged fairing would be a deal breaker . Sure it should be a it cheaper but u could still sell it. Maybe look at repairing it or having someone do it. Post up a pic of damage
  11. I'm new to bikes, but surely a replacement fairing would be cheaper than replacing the headlight etc? Unless you had two bikes both damaged and supplying parts yourself?
  12. If you're a hot chick going naked will definitely improve resale value!

    In all seriousness, they're just fairings...I'd be more concerned about structural damage.
    Being upfront about it is the way to go, you'll get the odd ****head that makes a silly offer because of it but that's normal.
  13. Damn fairings are pretty costly though. That link left by modcon86 may be worth keeping an eye on.
  14. Here is the extent of the damage:
    Unfortunately it's on the right hand side and I couldn't find any right side fairing on the interwebs. What's worse is the wrecker doesn't have any stock of the OEM headlight either. Bummer! I guess I'll have to play the waiting game until either the fairing or headlight pops up :(.
  15. Option #1: Hedge your bets on whichever part becomes available first.
    In the meantime, the rego is ticking over... could be days, weeks or months before you can source the correct parts.

    Option #2: Advertise bike as is, wherever you choose, being honest (as you have with us) and see what happens.
    You might just find a buyer who prefers naked bikes, wants a GS500 and is happy to do the conversion.

    Can anyone in NR land suggest option #3?

    Remember: Everything is sellable, at the right price.
  16. Option 3 pose naked with said naked (only if your a chick) get the tips sell bike as it should be. 8)