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Required Reading for the Modern Biker

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by PatB, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. If you're looking for some reading matter, go here:-


    Have a good laugh and learn a little about those who made our favourite activity possible.
  2. 5.72Mb for the dial-uppers.. :wink:
  3. Hey - thanks - Have dumped it to my PDA - may make a slow day faster!.
  4. Started reading it last night. Great stuff Pat, really entertaining!

    For those who haven't opened it, do so: Ixion's Reminiscences of Motor Cycling, published around 1920 (I think). Ixion was a motorcycle journalist, and writes about the 'early' days, for all you 1920's chaps who take your modern bikes for granted!
  5. Glad you enjoyed it chaps.

    I first read it whilst seeking warmth and shelter in my local library. At several points I came close to getting kicked out for excessive merriment.

    It's an interesting insight into the trials suffered by the pioneers. Mind you, even starting out in the late 1980s, with various knackered and unreliable mounts, I found much that was relevant to myself.

    Another excellent read is The Land Beyond the Ridge by a bloke by the name of Roy Battson. Another library find, his account of the acetylene generator for his lights exploding one night and his subsequent evasion of the local policeman had me rolling around on the floor.

    Sadly it's been out of print for ages so it's now very rare and copies are hugely expensive. If you ever find one cheap, buy it. I'll pay you for a scan of it (seriously).
  6. Resurrecting an old thread here, thanks to mattb. His "rev" photo from another link made me go on a google search and although I didn't find his motorcycling reverend. I did find this Ixion text in Pdf format. Highly recommend anyone who hasn't read it, giving it a look. It's amazing how far motorcycling has come in one person's lifetime :grin:
    (and of course everyone knows about Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance http://virtualschool.edu/mon/Quality/PirsigZen/ but if you are too lazy to search the link that's it)
  7. BUMP for this great thread... was searching for this book high and low today as i'd lost it off my PC... thanks to Hipster Doofus for finding it because i couldn't remember the guys name that wrote it. Great read!
  8. Some really interesting (and well written) stuff :)

    Haven't gotten all the way through it just yet, but thanks for the link!
  9. Grand reading, really puts it into perspective what with their rated power and average speeds in the early days. Makes all of us look like we're guilty of almost obscene excess... :eek:

    As for loading to PDA, thats a kicker of an idea! Now I've just gotta find the stupid thing...

    Cheers for the post - boingk