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Requiem for the fallen

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bdzy88, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. So let me start this thread by saying I've lowered quite a few mates in to the ground over a 10 Year period
    all from preventable motorcycling accidents.

    For those that don't know me I'm 27.

    It is coming up to the 10 year anniversary of the first passing, along with recently attending another for a mate the same age as myself; so I've had this inkling to write something and something a little bit different.

    I've debated about posting this for a while, as it unlike me and might be quite hurtful to anyone that
    has experienced anything similar, and it might not be any good, but anyway, lets see if it strikes a tune with anyone.

    To those of the human kind; the Young - Old, Happy, callous and benign.
    I write to you to today to explain on behalf of myself and friends of mine.

    Happy young and free; jumping on two wheels with no place to be.
    Surrounded by mates young and old, letting the stories and good times all unfold.

    Many times this repeats, all with mates all with glee.
    One day we may receive that call; 3am or at the door.

    This all feels surreal; how do i act - how do i deal?
    Prejudice and anger towards drivers begins to yield.

    Driver stated they could not see; did not look, yet did not flee.

    As I stand around with like-minded friends; reminiscing about good times and bends.
    The service notice arrives.. We will all attend.

    As the Priest begins to talk; I contemplate the lessons to be taught.

    Let us not shift blame; or let us get caught up in the pain.
    Yet let us preach that a facebook troll; is not worth paying the price with a human soul.

    As we attend the burial; the mother, father and brother look feral.
    Mentally and physically broken; whilst throughout not a word is spoken.

    No opportunity for the eldest to carry on the family name; I wonder who do they really blame.
    It's at this point I freeze with complete horror; why isn't anyone paying me a bother?

    It's then my sudden realisation;
    It's not my friend in this situation... "
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  2. Great post mate! Remember the fallen! Let's hope they're riding up there along with the greats
  3. Beautiful words and worth sharing. Sometimes having something unique associated with those who've gone before they've had a chance to live helps to turn the feeling from pain to fond memories and maybe there is someplace they are watching from.
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  4. Cheers guys,

    Bit of a relief that people liked it.. was a bit sketchy to start with. haha.
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  5. I think motorcycling makes you aware of your own mortality., even the best rider can get caught by circumstances outside their control. I have lost a couple of mates over the years and what has got me through the grief of their loss is holding their memory. The mighty grin after a Alpine road run, the wry smile after being a little naughty in strict road rule observance, the laughs at a pub after a days touring ride knowing it begins again tomorrow. Most of all the cameraderie of a shared passion.
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  6. Yeah......well done, I liked it.
  7. I ride to add life to my days, not days to my life.

    Good work bdzy88
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  8. Agreed. Great job mate.
  9. Nicely written. I lost my younger brother when his car hit a tree just over 12 years ago. He would be 30 next month. I have also buried several of my friends from suicide. It's never an easy moment. People say the pain of losing a loved one eases. I personally don't think this is true you just learn to deal with the pain.
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  10. None of the ratings are worthy for this post.
    I can't imagine how you must feel.
    I caught myself thinking of a childhood friend who fell to his death in Melbourne. Same thing. It was because it would have been his birthday yesterday. A lot of people have gone from us but they're still around. In memory and in our hearts.
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  11. It's not the words, it's the feelings and what we share that holds the meaning. Nice post.