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Requesting ebay visor reviews

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jayfz, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. hi nr,

    did a search on threads but might be too old to bump back up so starting a new one,

    looking to get a darker/iridium visor for the summer and asking if anyone has had experiences with the ebay visor copies vs genuine?

    ebay is about $100 cheaper than buying from the stores but not genuine.

    asking for comparisons if anyone has used both?
    especially long term use, in different weather conditions, etc?
    does ebay darker visors help reduce sunburn?

    any info will be a big help

    cheers, jay
  2. You can get some genuine visors on ebay pretty cheap (like KBC) that have the same approval stamps as the original but don't have the AS1609 sticker. I haven't been able to find one for Shoei tho. I bought an iridium one for $35 from the U.S for my Shoei about a year ago (no stamps) and it has been great. Just remember, if you're really unlucky, you can be booked for not having an approved visor.
  3. Make sure it IS genuine. Buying a cheap Chinese aftermarket might mean the visor is not impact rated as well as a genuine one. Wouldn't want a rock to shatter a visor in your eyes
  4. Got a spare bmw system 6 visor with the pinloc insert from ebay. So you can get the genuine article if you look around, but be aware of what Devil said the cheapy chinese ones may not have been sufficiently impact tested.
  5. cheers for the input guys

    says it is made from shatter and scratch resistant polycarbonate
    also blocks uv rays

    most likely make the purchase in the new year and save a few dollars while at it
  6. What helmet is it for?
  7. I've got one of the tinted Chinese knock-offs from ebay for my Shoei. I couldn't find OEM locally that wasn't a rip-off and Shoei dis-allows retailers from shipping internationally. My next helmet is less likely to be Shoei for these reasons.

    Anyway, it's claimed to be the usual up to spec polycarbonate, I have no idea how shatterproof it is, no worse than squinting into the sun, or having the visor open.

    What I can rate is the optics. No visible distortions and the tinting reduces eye strain and comfort in bright conditions.
  8. I got one of these.

    I know this isn't scientific but, I have taken a big stone to the visor on both this one and the OEM clear visor. The clear one has a scratch about 1/4" long, this one has a small mark on the iridium. The iridium is very durable, I don't look after it at all and it has no scratches and only the one mark from the stone.
  9. Hi there mate, recently got a new visor for my HJC as the original clear one was getting fairly scratched. It is on the link below:


    The visor fit very well, same as stock, and the optical quality is probably better than the original... either that or I was just too used to having scratches all over it.

    The thickness, material and stiffness all seem identical to the HJC original and I would not hesitate to rely apon it in an impact situation. I've already had the usual rocks/bugs/etc fly into it and its been fine.

    For $27 posted it is a bargain and I'd recommend it to anyone.

    CHeers - boingk
  10. ok that's got me sold. will definitely be making the purchases now.

    the price of 2 or 3 ebays is the same as 1 in store so might even get a back up spare.
  11. Piff a few rocks at the spare and see how it holds up and report back :)
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  12. I have also purchased ebay visors for our HJC helmets - under $30 delivered, compared to over $70 out of shop. They look identical, feel identical and fit perfectly. Optical quality excellent. One of the helmets hit the road at speed, broke the visor mounts, the visor came off but only had a few scratches. I would say they are as strong as original.