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[Request] for the search gurus: Rear Enders (crashes)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. Folks every time I do a search it reminds me of how crap I am at it, and i know a heap of you are far better than me.

    So I'm throwing this out to you guys, can you please put your elite skills to work for me and dig out every thread on Netrider (or even other Aussie forums if you find them) where there are stories of motorcycles being rear ended by cars?

    I'm only really interested in cases that happened in Australia, although if you come across pics from overseas in your travels I'll take those too.
    (If the pics are graphic please send them via PM.)

    Here's a couple of examples to get us started...



    Don't worry about double posting anything, just dump the links in here and I'll sort through them myself. Also if you've had it happen to you and you haven't yet told your story now is your chance, but I ask that you start a new thread and simply link back to it in here.

    Please don't speculate on any of the material that's found in here, as I don't wish to contravene the T&Cs.

    Cheers in advance,
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  3. Re: [Request] for the search gurus

    Excellent stuff guys, luv ya work (y)

    ...although I had forgotten how shitty this stuff makes me feel :mad:
    ...but keep it coming...
  4. Re: [Request] for the search gurus

    Cheffie - I just started with Google: "rear ended" site:netrider.net.au

    You could do the same search on any other motorcycle forum you like by replacing the 'netrider.net.au' with the domain of the other forum.

    I'll keep looking too.
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  7. Re: [Request] for the search gurus

    Would it be impertinent to ask why?

    (Taking into account that curiosity possibly did kill the cat of course)
  8. Re: [Request] for the search gurus

    Just doing a little research at this stage :)
  9. Re: [Request] for the search gurus

    Fair enough.

    I know of someone who comes on here occasionally. He got rear ended out the front of a mates place a few weeks ago. The car behind the car that was behind him forgot to stop and caused a chain reaction.

    Won't say any more. If he reads this he may add something. ;)
  10. Re: [Request] for the search gurus

    Thanks mate, if you get a chance can you point him at it?

  11. Re: [Request] for the search gurus

    Sure thing. :)
  12. Re: [Request] for the search gurus

    Sweet, I'm also waiting on another story to come in, so I hope to post that when i get it.
  13. Re: [Request] for the search gurus

    I'm not sure if it's what you are after, but a car related story happened to my sister a few weeks ago. She was waiting to turn left at, what we call, the Wheel of Death roundabout on Fitzsimons Lane near Eltham. The car in front of her moved forward, as if they were going to enter the roundabout, but then hesitated and hit the brakes. My sis moved too and hit the brakes when she realised that the car in front had hesitated. Unfortunately the car behind her made the same move... but didn't brake quickly enough, assuming that everyone was going.

    In one way it was lucky because the lady driving the car that rear-ended my sister was our local GP's wife, so all was nice and friendly. Unfortunately the shunt was enough to write my sisters car off.

    Like I said, I'm not sure if it's relevant, but it is an example of how it can happen I guess. ;)
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  15. Re: [Request] for the search gurus

    i rear ended my wife, u want that story? :D
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  17. Re: [Request] for the search gurus

    I saw your mention of pics. Is that all your after or would you be interested in legal cases if they could be found. I'm not promising anything as I don't know what is available but just keen to know the parameters before I start looking. I may not get anything for a couple of days. This being the weekend.

  18. Re: [Request] for the search gurus

    Aha, found it!!!!

    What kind of idiot would name a thread without the subject being in the title....](*,)


    Cheers in advance,