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N/A | National Request for speed camera info

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by bonox, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. A job for the super sleuths

    With all the speed camera stuff floating around, i'm interested in comments from people saying they are only a km/h or two over the limit and they got done.

    I thought an interesting statistic to know would be how many people get caught doing the 'normal' limit through a school zone at school times - ie not paying attention to what's going on.

    My searching stuff found something almost close from some NZ statistics, but not what I want. Can anyone dig something up? ie number of infringements for a camera in a school zone by each activation period, or by hour or something. Plenty of stats for total infringements - not much I can see for cameras that change their detection value twice a day.

  2. Don't have any stats to provide.

    I went through a 'safety' camera about 2-3kmh over the limit and it flashed but no infringement notice.

    My mother (school teacher) was booked doing 58 in a school (40) zone on a non school day (staff development day, no students at school, she should know! and backed up by the school where the camera was also). But this is apparently no excuse, her appeal was denied and slapped with a nice fine and points. The experience has made her terrified of losing her license and now spends 90% of the time staring at the speedometre.
  3. A school day is determined by the gubbermint not the school the limit is out the front of. The reasoning is that with Some schools operating on common bus routes, there may still be Kids running around even if there is no-one at that particular school. A school near here on a major road closed down but the limit was still enforced until they took the signs down..
    it also makes it easier to administer, they dont have to keep track of individual schools.
  4. Yeah, that's the way it is. It has to be a statewide non-school day for the school times limit to not apply. Near my home there is a school campus that has had no students and no classes at all for 8 years (but still owned by the privately run school). Limit still applies outside it.
  5. You'd kind of expect that with an automated system, but on appeal it should have been withdrawn.
  6. Thats the problem with all these damn camera's. You drive with your eyes on the speedo instead of concentrating on the road. It's like texting while driving.

    Anyway, try Freedom of Information? I'm sure they could at least point you in the right direction.
  7. School zones operate on government gazetted school days so its not relevant if that particular school had no
    students that day. It's silly but the appeal was rightly rejected. Such fears only serve to make you more of a
    danger to others on the roads. Allay such fears by increasing knowledge and awareness with information freely
    available to all motorists on the Transport RTA website.

    I'm not going to try looking for something that I think do not exist. I have never come across such statistics
    before. Why don't you shoot off a quick message to confirm the same. If that information does exist, you
    should be pointed in the right direction.

  8. You don't get booked for a km or two over there is a margin for error. So the answer is none.

    If I was going to start a crusade against speed cameras I wouldn't start with the ones in school zones as they are probably the most justified of the lot (if any are). You will look like a baby killer.
  9. who said it was a crusade matey? I'm only interested in people who don't slow down for the school zone but otherwise are within the out of school zone speed limit. Example, all the 10-20km/h infringements for school times in a normal 60km/h zone.

    The info should exist - after all, every photo has a time stamp and the speed limit recorded. I just can't find anyone who has released the data.

    It should have been one of the biggest drivers for introducing the flashing lights and other warnings that let people know that "right now is a school zone time". I've already sent a note to the RTA, but other than the automated "we'll get back to you" reply, i've heard nothing. I thought perhaps some info might exist from other parts of the world, but i'm not having much luck with my search terms.
  10. Ok crusade was a little emotive. Sorry

    You should also ask for the number of people caught in 50 and 60 zones between 0 and 20km/h over the limit. Otherwise, if you get of say 50% of school zone offences were under 60km/h that doesn't mean much as most offences are in the low range

    Here this article supports that


    "Two-thirds of the 551,568 speed infringements issued in 2003 were for low-level speeding."

    Fundamentally, I don't see what the difference is putting in flashing signs, if people cannot see a sign that is 3*3m then they probably aren't going to notice flashing signs it is just a waste of money.
  11. it's about timing, not being more visible. They only flash when the lower limit is in operation, not all the time.

    And 0-10km/h infringements for a normal 60km/h zone does not really help - they're probably the people who can't maintain any speed limit. The 10-20 and 20+ bracket are more likely to be those who ignored the speed zone for whatever reason and it is the proportion of one group to the other i'm interested in.
  12. I presume you mean that they don't know if it is between 8-9.30. Personally if I see a sign and I think it could be any time around that time then I am at 40km/h. Everyone knows roughly what time it is.

    I think the not knowing what time it is is just an excuse that people say so that it is not their fault. Who in their right mind goes 60 past a camera when they know it is roughly between 8-9.30 or 3-4.30?

    In reality they just didn't see the sign because they weren't paying attention to the road. Maybe they were texting or whatever, but if you cannot concentrate on the road then you are a danger to everyone else.
  13. I don't. Sorry but my bike does not have a clock and I can't really look at my watch under the glove while riding past school zone.

    +1 for flashy LED signs
  14. You can't tell by the sun roughly what time it is?
  15. You can't tell by the sun roughly what time it is?

    I have been booked by cameras but I will man up and say that I wasn't concentrating when I should be.
  16. Do you have a sundial on your bike Vertical? That's explains heeeaaps. ;)
  17. Just be careful if you visit the ACT. School speed zones are all day.
  18. I'm sorry to disappoint you but not everybody can tell what time it is by looking at the sun. Can you teach me please?
  19. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+tell+the+time+by+the+sun

    Even if you cannot do that I doubt that you can't estimate it. If you are travelling to work to start at 10 then you might be within the 8-9.30 time period.
  20. I agree with those saying flashing LEDs should be on when the camera is in school zone mode. I don't have kids, so sometimes don't know whether it is school holidays or not etc. Surely I am not the only one.

    It should be a relatively inexpensive exercise to erect and activate some LEDs when the camera is in 40 km/h speed mode.