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Request for information from the Black Dog Ride

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by NiteKreeper, May 25, 2012.

  1. The Black Dog Ride organisation aims to raise awareness of, and reduce the stigma associated with depressive illnesses, and to raise funds for treatments and research to aid those who suffer.
    BDR does this through organised charity rides such as the recent National Black Dog Ride Day that many of you attended.

    I have been diagnosed with chronic depression myself, and I'm aware of many others on NetRider alone.

    I have recently volunteered to help BDR collect a database of motorcycle shops all over Australia, which will help them to organise and promote future events.
    You can help, and it only takes a minute.

    What I need from you, is the NAME, ADDRESS, TELEPHONE and EMAIL details of the bike shops near you, or the one/s you've used in the past. It doesn't really matter if you were happy with them, just that you can provide the details requested above.

    I will start us off below, and you can use my post as a template...

    Thankyou all in advance for your assistance with this most worthy cause.

  2. NAME: Sydney City Motorcycles
    ADDR: 46-48 Princes Highway, Kogarah NSW 2217
    TEL: (02) 9587 3000
  3. Greensborough Motorcycles
    6 Sherbourne Road, Greensborough VIC 3088
    (03) 9434 6510 ‎
    no known email address

    Moto Worx
    22 Bridge Street, Eltham VIC 3095
    (03) 9439 6556 ‎
    no known email address
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  4. Thanks Blacky - I'm discovering for myself that the email addresses are hard to find...

    Please let me stress that any information anyone can provide will be useful, even if it's incomplete.
    And as far as "bike shops" is concerned, I'm looking for info on everyone from dealers through accessory shops to mechanical workshops - if it's about motorcycling, I want to know about it...

    Thanks again everyone.
  5. There is a free iPhone app called 'Dealers' which lists location and contact details of a lot of motorcycle shops from www.mcnetwork.com.au that may cut your time down a bit in getting information. Looks like they have the listing on their website as well so don't even need an iPhone.

    Cheers Spocky
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  6. Awesome Spocky, thanks heaps - I'll pinch Mrs K's iPad thingy tomorrow and get on that.

    Keep 'em coming folks...
  7. Mick Cole Motorcycles
    Authorised dealers for Honda, Yamaha & Suzuki.
    14 Ridge St, Bega North NSW 2550
    ph: (02) 6492 6169
    email: NK, PM me if you didn't get it

    Sapphire Nu Pulse Pty Ltd
    Motor Cycles, Parts & Accessories-Retail - Cobargo, NSW
    47- 61 Bermagui Rd, Cobargo NSW 2550, Australia
    Phone number(02) 6493 6479
    email: ?
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  8. Victoria
    New World Honda
    518/522 Princes Highway
    Narre Warren Vic 3805
    Phone 03 8794 0000
    Email send pm

    Mick Hone Motorcycles
    715 Whitehorse rd
    Mont Albert Vic 3127
    03 9890 0304
    Email send pm

    Sixty Degrees motorcycles
    2/26 howleys rd
    Notting hill Vic 3168
    03 9562 6603
    Email send pm
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  9. NAME:Beaconsfield Motorcycle Supermarket
    ADDR:376 Botany Rd Beaconsfield NSW 2015
    TEL: (02) 9318 0008
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  10. Guys can you PM Nitekreeper with the email addresses. Email addresses are trolled by automatic scripts so putting them up here can lead to them being added to spammers list. The site is constantly classified by Google as part of its cataloging process so this can also lead to those addresses getting out into the Spamiverse.
  11. Bugger, my bad sorry - shoulda thought about that...
    Since it's the email addresses they really want, please do PM information to me - I've already harvested this thread so feel free to remove the emails from the posts...
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  13. Hi mate would you like everyone to edit there posts ? :) or mods delete
  14. Get you guys to do it, I don't have mod rights for this area of the forum.