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request for CBR600 (F2) rear brake images

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by bikeboy, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. Hi crew. I'm in the process of fitting F2 wheels to a CB900 to give me more rubber on the road, and a wider choice of modern, radial tyres. I'm mocking up an old frame before I chop into mine, but I'm a bit lost when it comes to fitting the rear brake caliper. I haven't actually got one yet, but I'm lead to believe the F2 or F3 can be made to fit by adding material to the 'brake-stop' so it engages on the swingarm:

    F2-3 on left, F4 on right. F4 model is unsuitable for this mod.

    What I'm after from some of you CBR600 riders out there (and I know there's heaps :wink: ) is a pic of your rear brake caliper and 'stop', something similar to these viewpoints:

    I also have plans to swap the front-end for a CBR set-up to match, but that's more straight-forward than the rear.

    Hope some of you can help.

  2. Orrite, I have the pics, however not from those angles as the can is right in the way. I have taken several from different angles with a 4mp camera, just let me know where to send them.
  3. Excellent. I wasn't sure of the mechanism used to capture that brake-stop, but this looks like a simple fabrication that I can weld to the top of the swingarm. Yours even looks to be very similar to the CB1100 unit I'm using.

    Thanks for that, very handy.

  4. NP leme know if you want me to try get other angles
  5. That's cool. I've got the shots I need now. That last one was particularly useful.

    Thanks very much :wink:

  6. Actually, you've piqued my interest :wink:

    Having seen how similar your swingarm is to mine, I'm wondering if you had a shot of your chain-guard? The 1100 items are no longer available (along with the nylon chain slider), so there might be a small chance a 600 set might fit with minimal adjusting.

  7. Excellent work Justin. That seems to be more complicated than I thought it would be :cry:

    I think that hugger has put a spanner in the works.

    Is that *really* your rego number :wink:

    cheers mate
  8. nope! its my net numberplate though ;-)

    btw.....i should be out on the bike and scrubbing in them new tyres....as you can see by the pic...they have 0 KM on them ....had them since last friday too!