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Reputable garage in Sydney (rhodes/concord)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by jay.d, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,

    My 2008 Honda CBR 600 rr has been playing up this last week. Refusing to start until 3rd or 4th turnover and on a couple of occasions the bike completely cut out at traffic lights on my way home. The bike rides well, moving up and down the rev range smoothly, idling well and the headlight isn't dim at all whislt I turn it over.

    Whilst I'd love to get to grips with the bike and fault find/fix it....I am not blessed with the knowhow, tools or time to spare (would very much like to build up tools, invest in a haynes manual and find the time to do my own servicing etc in the future).

    I rang around a few garages this morning and managed to get the bike seen to at Trooper Lu's in Liverpool though the guy only had the time to check the battery was holding a charge and running at the correct voltage (it is, he came back and said it was putting out 14 volts....ummm ok, I'll take his word for it).

    TLDR: I need to find a garage within a reasonable distance from home (Rhodes, Sydney, 2138) where I can drop the bike off and not have an awful trek to pick it up when fixed. I'm looking to the netrider community to give me advice on who's around, reputable and has good rates (What is average? I rang 2 garages this morning who quoted $99/hour). Worst fear is to drop the bike off...they have it for days and I get ripped off.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi, I've only ever had my bikes serviced at BikeBiz parramatta, they do a good job however all the maintenance done on my bikes thus far has been standard servicing never really defect rectification. Sorry i cant really offer any other help than that.
  3. Totally recommend Lloyd Penn in Artarmon. Might not be the best location wise for you though.
  4. Thanks for the replies, will call around tomorrow.

  5. Well, there is a good "seeing to" if ever I heard one.

    I hesitate to ask how much that cost you, 'cause it's just a case of having a multimeter and a vague clue of how to use it.

    I could have done as much at my home in Beecroft, in less than three minutes, and not even expected you to buy me a beer.

    I'd have even explained WHAT and WHY I was doing it too, and I ain't no motorcycle mechanic.

    In Sydney, you have to think outside the square and inside Sydney's laughable public transport.

    A good motorbike mechanic, if he/she is close to a train station, can be quite a long way from where you live, if you live close to a train station.

    Do you commute to work? If so where? Maybe your work is close to a train/ferry?

    At the moment, the best mechanic I know of (by repute, only) that is close to a train station, is in Berowra.

    My own regular shop is CastleHill, a bugger to get to and from without a wife and a car.

    I know Berowra is a bloody long way away, but, if you want a name and contact details, give me a PM.
  6. Must have been tired when I wrote that. The guy at trooper lu's was decent enough and didn't charge (He said it only took a few mins to check) - biggest complaint with them was that the woman on the phone said they'd look at the bike that day and when I got there said they didnt have the time to fault find and just had time to check the battery...pissed me off since it took 40 mins to get there.

    Anyhoo...booked it into the honda garage at lane cove for tomorrow, and the bike today hasn't been any bother at all, in 2 minds whether to still drop it off as it seems since I filled it up with shell vpower, perhaps it's the placebo effect...I dunno?
  7. It is not unheard of to get a tank full of bad fuel.
    It could well be that a fill of nice fresh clean fuel has solved your problem.